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on being alone


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You would NOT rather die...


But what are you doing to NOT be alone?

Do you have family around you?

Is it just a relationship that you are looking for?


Being in a relationship will not make you feel less alone, loving you as a person is a great start to not feeling alone.


What is the ideal state that you dream for yourself?

This is the state that you feel will make you happy - what is it?

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jmantra, you're still young and have so much ahead of you. Just like the title of this forum "eNOTalone." We are all battling something here and we can all relate as we go through trials and tribulations of life. We all are faced with uphill battles. I can relate to you and your loneliness, as I face the same right now. Obviously you did the right thing, posting, sharing, reaching out.


As Meddlin already asked, What makes you happy? Live for happiness, for you.


Sometimes it's difficult to find those we relate to, but there are friends and partners out there who relate to you and would love your company in person. Best thing you can do is get out there and make yourself seen. Take baby steps, use online forums and then branch out if you're the shy type. Join a forum that involves a hobby or something you love.


Maybe everything I've listed seems like a typical answer, a cut-and-paste that I could say to anyone. As brief as your post is to your thread, I understand and genuinely care.

I hope you begin to shed some of the loneliness feeling soon. You'll be okay.

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Remember this you were born alone,you live alone, you bathe alone, you have your own dreams alone. We just create this illusion that we are not alone by our love for family and friends. I have been alone most of my life and yes i love it but sometimes wish i had someone there...just know that you are not alone. Our soul is on its own journey in life and people you meet are there to share lessons or learn lessons from them.

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