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Just broke it off,I'm really hurt. I need some advice.


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I broke up with him finally today. Before I tried to break up with him couple of times but he never accepted it. I don't have any family member where I live. He was my best friend and we stated dating 7 months ago. I had a really rough past with my ex, so I try not to be clingy. The reason I broke up with him is because he's back in my country for the summer and he's been going out everyweek and come back home very late. Since I can't see what he was up to, I started becoming insecure and hurt. I just told him couple of times that I don't like it. I've become so emotional today and I broke up with him. First he didn't accept it but later I called him a p*ssy cuz he promised he'll come back end of this month but his mom didn't allow him and he couldn't. We had a huge argument and then finally he said, I really love you and I'll let you go because what you've said today is true. What if I come back to the States without any of those problems, would you still accept me? I said. no. I told him we can still be friends but in a year or two when things are settled. I broke up with him but I'm crying here hurt and upset. I think it is really over this time.

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Breaking up with your love one is the most heart-breaking and painful, too. I always thought, being a guy, wouldn't matter to me when I decided to call it quits with my gf several months back. I was wrong. The pain, the crying, remembering the good times together, it only hurted me. But I had no choice cuz she was abusing me in every way possible!!! And she was sent back to her hometown by the Social Services. I still can't get over my love song that I only made for her cuz it's still stuck in my head. It came from my heart and that is what pains me!!!



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