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How to bring up the relationship talk and initiations?


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I've been seeing this guy for almost 5 months now and things have been going good. My feelings are starting to grow and I feel like things should be official now. According to our mutual friend he hasn't asked because I told him I wanted to just be friends when we first met...I honestly don't ever remember mentioning this but I guess that's why he hasn't brought up the relationship talk. However I hear he's very interested in having me as a gf.


We're even going to vegas together this month, he waited for me a whole month and planned out activities when I got back, we haven't slept with each other yet. (he's 21 and I'm 22)


We're both shy people actually and it's hard dating someone shy like me because I'm used to dating forward guys and they do all the work! How do I bring up the relationship talk? I'm scared and don't know what to say.


Also, we only made out once and took things further like oral and stuff and it was when we were both drunk LOL...how do we start initiating making out? Should I just go for it and kiss him and start things even though I'm the girl?

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You need to make your intentions clear from the getgo. 2 people wanting different things, no no. So go for it. Tell him what you want. It will either be the happiest thing in your life or it will blow up in your face. But honestly? 5 months dating and no sex? Pretty impressive I think. Dont think I could pull that one off myself.

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