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Relationship without a physical element?


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Good afternoon - this is my first post, so please forgive any missteps in procedure.


I am a 28 year old guy who has had very limited experience with relationships in my life. I've had two relationships in total, both of which have crashed and burned due to various circumstances, most notably my lack of experience and performance in the physical area of the relationships. The fact is that I've more or less given up on the physical end of things given my inadequacy, so I'm in need of some advice given these circumstances.


I've been living alone without a social network to speak of for about 6 years now. In this time, I attempted to strike up a relationship with a woman who lives a significant distance from me. It didn't really work out due to the aforementioned physical issues as well as distance, so I've been completely alone since that point. I'm becoming very disillusioned with this lifestyle and would like to make a change to include some sort of social connection with the opposite sex. Unfortunately I've hesitated on pursuing this due to my extreme anxiety regarding the physical element. The premise of finding a female who is willing to share a connection with me without the physical part of a relationship seems far-fetched, and for all sakes and purposes, it may be. As such, I'm willing to accept an open relationship on her end to allow her the sexual fulfillment she needs. I can't think of any other compromise that will serve all parties appropriately.


Is this a plausible scenario? I understand this defies most conventions of a monogamous relationship, but I'm at the point here that I'm willing to compromise so much just to gain some connection with someone and mitigate my mind-melting isolation. I don't feel it's fair to deprive an otherwise normal person of physical fulfillment irregardless of my inability to provide it. My needs are irrelevant in this context - I've lived without the physical element for so long that it's a non-issue on my end.


Any suggestions on a path forward? Is this an impossible scenario that I'm describing?


Thanks in advance for your advice and/or opinions.

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If you can type you can have a physical relationship. One that could even be more satifying for the women than any other. Read up on the subject of physical stimulation and intimate pleasing of women.

Stop selling yourself short. Go out there with confidence and a smile of knowing. Touching can be so stimulating.

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