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What are you grateful for?

Ms Darcy

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I am turning 30 today! I am at once excited and a little overwhelmed.


Reflecting back, I am very proud of and grateful for my accomplishments:

  • Lost 150 six years ago and look/feel spectacular
  • Had three relationships in my life; two long-term
  • Left an unhealthy relationship with my head high
  • Grown closer to my older sister and my parents
  • Built great friendships at work and through social activities
  • Inserted some adventure in my life (snow tubing, etc)
  • Finally learning how to pamper myself ... and enjoy it!
  • No longer afraid to leave my dead-end job and am actively networking
  • Completed my MBA several months ago
  • Own my own home
  • Have two fantastic roommates
  • Feeling the most confident and sexy in my own skin I have ever felt


I am soo grateful for all of those things. I think in large part it's due to all the of self-help/improvement books I read. One of the lessons they teach is learning how to be grateful. That gratitude leads to feeling happy and that life has abundant opportunities.


I think it would be nice to have a thread listing what people are grateful for. Fire away.

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Hey happy birthday! 30, life just started. I also read many book of self-help and improvement. Most of them tell you the same thing, love yourself first and foremost. I am grateful for having an amazing daughter, she is by far one of the most beautiful souls. I am trying to start my own business at the moment, and everything coming up well. started a degree last year and got a First in my results. I landed a job with my University, which I can do while I study. I found a new place right next to my best friend house, getting a dog after I spend 5 weeks travelling this summer (we always wanted a dog, now we have a big enough garden to have one and my chickens) life is just great if you want to see it that way.


I am climbing Ben Nevis (highest point in Scotland) for a charity in September and starting to volunteer for another charity. Because life is only worth it if you can help others, if only one person but do something. So grateful I can also help and donate my time.

Hope you get a big cake today

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Wow Ms. Darcy, you've accomplished a lot in 30 years- you should be proud! I guess that's the reason I though you were well over 30 when I read your posts, they are usually spot-on!


I've got 20 years on you and here's a small list of mine;


I've raised a successful, happy 25 year old daughter by myself with no financial support. She and I couldn't be closer.


Even though I messed up as a teen- BIGTIME and got kicked out of high school my senior year and also kicked out of the house, college fund out the window, etc. I got a GED, went to college, and have a career that I couldn't be happier with.


I've been in numerous LTRs and know what REAL love is- and there's nothing else like it in the world.


I'm very close to God and have a strong spirituality. I've had a couple of very close calls to death-and I'm grateful for them- they've built the foundation for it.


I moved to Atlanta with just a packed up Toyota, a 5 year daughter and a few hundred dollars. 19 years later, I have a beautiful home and job I love and friends that are like family. It was the bravest thing I've ever done.


GREAT Thread!

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Happy Birthday Ms Darcy!!

What books have you read that you'd recommend?


Just a few simple things I'm happy and grateful for right now:

  • This morning I had a fabulous conversation with a like-minded person.
  • I have a nice, open day ahead of me.
  • I got my hair done yesterday and I'm so pleased with how long and healthy it's getting (I once believed I could never have beautiful hair).
  • Last night I finished knitting slippers for my mom. I gift-wrapped them nicely, and I'm going to slip the little package into her house while she's at work. She's been asking me for slippers for over a year; I am so excited to surprise her.
  • I get to see the dogs today.
  • Thai food tonight! Yummm.

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This is a nice thread. Here is what I'm grateful for:


1. My very cute house that I own.

2. My generous and fun friends.

3. My health.

4. My genetics that have enabled me to stay looking nice and young.

5. My mom.

6. My art.

7. My incredible roommate and his dog.

8. My humor.

9. My crazy experiences.

10. The experience of being in love numerous times.


Happy birthday and thanks for posting this!

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Happy 30th Ms. Darcy! Hope your year is all you've dreamed and more.


My grateful list is:

* My lovely daughter if I didn't have her I wouldn't have made it through these tough few years.

* My college degree, it's opening doors for me, not exactly the doors I want but a door is a door.

* The fact I am legally disabled, I thought of it as a curse but really it's a blessing in disguise.

* The job interview I have Monday, it may be a contract job but I'm certain it will lead to greener pastures.

* Prayers because someone somewhere is listening and does answer.

* My mom she complains a lot but she's really there for me.

* My brother and his wife who have showed me a way to eat and still lose weight.

* I'll add my ex-husband because he's so flexible and understanding when it comes to visitation. He could be a jerk about it but instead he's very open.


My road is tough, because I made some bad decisions in my youth rebelling against my parents for some unknown reason but I'm making it through and hopefully will continue to do so.

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