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Mixed signals or just no signals and it's all hope?!?!?!


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Ok so i'll try to make this brief but give you relevant details!!! For the sake of the story lets call him Jim!


So I became single in January after 4 years and suddently became close with a guy who I studied at uni with and then ended up working with... for 2 weeks in February we pretty much spent all our free time together hanging out at my house or meeting up when we were out, things seemed to be going well and we kissed and spent the night together a few times (nothing else happened) and i was really happy because he is my dream guy, tall, athletic, intelligent and we have everything in common....


So all was going well then one night he'd gone out and i'd stayed in and he said he was going to come back to see me, so he called me on his way home then he suddenly said that he had been followed by 2 guys the whole way home and then i heard some shouting then he said ' * * * * i've got to run' so he put the phone down and next thing his phone went straight to answer phone for 3 hours, I didn;t know what to do, I got my housemate up and we drove the way he would have walked home but no sign of him so i called the police, i know it might seem extreme but i didn;t want it to be one of those cases where something had actually happened and I'd done nothing and then it was too late.... so the police came over took statements from me and they went to his house no one was there so logged him as missing. I was up all night worried then at 11am the next day he called me saying he was really sorry he'd started running dropped and smashed his phone and just ran home, hadnt even heard the door bell ring. I did give him a bit of a hard time but thought it was justified for the fact that he could/should have let me know he was ok... anyway later that day he left me a voicemail saying that he thought we should 'stop carrying on as we were as he didnt want it to get awkward at work' blah blah blah... at the time i was devestated but thats how he felt and just got on with it...


we met up for a lunch a few times and text every now and again but this is where my problem begins he is now seeming to send me such mixed signals or am i just misinterpreting everything??


1) I was at work on sat and his new boss (we work in different teams) was working with me and said 'oh we all really want to set you up with Jim (no one knew we already had kind of been ttogether) we all think you'd be such a good match, you're completely into the same things, would understand each others commiyments youre both really kind'..... so i didn't really say anything just said 'ha me and jim are good friends from uni' and that was it. So i text him to say 'just warning you your boss is trying to set us up'..... he replied saying 'yeah i know, they've said a few things to me about it too that we'd be a good match, sorry didn't give you a heads up I told them we are gd friends, what are they saying now?'. So I told him then asked if he wanted to go for lunch one day in the week.


He then text me at quarter to 12 that night asking if I was out in town, i replied yes and he asked where, i told him and he said 'oh right dont know where that is so have fun'....


2) we went for lunch on wednesday and another guy who had asked me out came and sat with us, they'd never met but conversation was all jokey and fine, then the other guy left and Jim almost instantly asked me if i wanted to watch him play in a match soon and that he'd get me a ticket if i wanted. he was stretching alot over his head (i dont know if this is irrelevant but seems to be a male thing to tense?!!)


So my questions are...


a) is he interested again? asking if i am out and asking me to watch him play etc

b) has he just been convinced by our bosses in which case I dont want to be with someone who's been persuaded to like me!

c) am i just reading into it all wrong?!?


p.s i'd seen him out in town a few times in between jan and now and hes mostly been rude to me, on one occasion he was chatting to a girl i was walking past him to go to the bar so just said hi and he really quickly said 'i'll speak to you later' thats fine i was just saying hi but he got really funny as he was chatting up soemone 9it looked like anyway?!?!)


Advice on what to do next would be welcome muchly! I do really like this guy and completely agree that we'd be a good couple but i just dont get if he feels the same and am too scared to put myself out there!


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