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bi-curious otaku

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I'm an otaku boy who's new to most forums,i read a lot of genderbender manga, play with my ass,teas my nipples and fantasize about crossdressing in short I'm confused. i think Im strait but i want to crossdress so bad what if anybody found out? or should i even crossdress because I'm not cute enough?( thats what i think anyway) thoughts?

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Being an otaku might give you some confusion as to that. I don't blame you anime boys because they are very pretty, but if your not attracted to "real" boys then I'd take that as a sign your not gay.


Yes. I believe it is possible to want to cross dress and still be straight. I mean lots of girls who cosplay as boys and are straight, however this is less common for boys (its unfortunately kind of a double standard). This one guy I dated admitted to me that he wore a dress and healed shoes just to try it. I didn't really matter to me and I didn't think much of it. We broke up (but not because of that) and I don't think he's gay because last time I checked he's dated a few girls after me but no boys.


If you want to cross dress then I think you should. There's nothing wrong with experimenting. If you try it and like it then great. If you realize you don't then, at least you don't have to keep wondering. I have seen lots of cross dressing males at anime conventions. Some pull it off, others don't but they walk around not caring what others think. I think that kinda confidence in itself is respectable. If you're uncomfortable with people finding out maybe just try it when your home alone?


And keep in mind you are 15. You're probably experiencing a lot at your age when it comes to sex and your body. You don't need to decide what you want to be right now; straight or gay. Others don't figure it out til college or later. If your happy with this girl then don't worry about it. Your sexuality will reveal itself in time.


Being an somewhat of an otaku myself, I might recommend you read "Hourou Musuko." There's a manga and anime so your choice. The situation of this manga seems almost uncanny to yours and maybe could shed some light on how you're feeling.


Sorry this response is long. But hope it helps

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thanks but it appears i've been misunderstood. im not so much afraid of being gay and searching for validation or anything like that hell if i was sure of my feelings Id come out(if it weren't for the rest of the world) i just had some conflicting emotions i need to get off my chest. and once again thank you it did help.

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Just go to an anime convention! There is so much crossdressing going on at those things, it's amazing! There are lots of guys dressed as female characters, and not all of them are pretty. Ever see a Man Faye? Just shave your butt if you decide to wear some hot pants and you should be fine!

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