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Update after a year and a half!!!


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Not sure there's any of my ol pals around here anymore. I was browsing my e-mail and saw my registration for this site, then spent the last 3 hours reading all my old posts...wow is all I can say!


Lately, I've been thinking about that ex again, nothing painful, just wondering what she's been up to. I'm shocked we haven't ran into one another. I'm also shocked that I haven't been in a real relationship since, just been playing the field. I haven't been single this long since I started dating freshman year in high school. (I'm 32 now!)


I'm still in that job that I hate for the most part b/c it takes up my entire life. Dealing with the other personal issue still also.


It's crazy how emotional we get after a break up, but wonderful to know that we all will get past the pain in time.


I really need to get to bed, never thought I'd run into this site again, but happy I did!

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There's nothing like a little bit of sorting in our old stuff to feel reorganized and better Maybe you could work on this matter with your ex. Something is telling you that there is something to related with your current situation and I believe it's for a good reason. You say you're over with her, so this is all good. Maybe is it time for you to be serious again about having a new partner?

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Did you try to meet new people? Do you believe this is something you would enjoy?


There are many things you can do to find someone new. Would you like to have some tips? Dating tips?


I would be really interested to hear that you're ready for this. It's a really exciting phase and there's a lot to learn and improve... and enjoy!

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