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Facebook and Google+ invites from my Ex. :(


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Hi All,


I haven't spoken to my ex is many months, but we both had our Facebook pages "Open" to each other through a mutual friend, until 3 weeks ago, when he deleted her (my ex), and the connection was broken. She knows that I still love her, and want to be with her, and that my daughter are spending the summer with me.


A last week I get this:



I went and we caught up like old friends would, said goodbye and I left it at that…


Today I got a FB friend request AND she has added me to her Google+ circles. I haven't' added her.


I think she is spending time with someone, although her status is listed as single. I guess I'm doing the NIC thing, thought that the severed FB connection was for the best. I don't want to send her the wrong message by refusing the invite.


You can read my original story here:



and here


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My ex also facebook friended me...and although I had been talking to him via facebook I didn't really want to accept the request...not because I didn't want to see his page as I have no problems with this..but because I feel my privacy is no longer there and now I can't post up stuff that seems remotely lovey incase I give off any vibes ...still...I accepted and I have no problems viewing his page...I guess I am not emotionally invested as much as I was in the past...it's funny I have actually gotten over things better now that we are talking and that he is back on facebook...want what you can't have in the past ?!!


Either way it's a positive...rather then having all these exes bitter and resentful with each other...it shows maturity if we can get past that...anyway I did wonder why he felt the need to add me back...I mean I didn't feel the need no longer [ did in the past]

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I've just read the other threads and have to agree with dramallama. For your own sake I would not accept her as a fb friend, or even respond. You can analyse this until the cows come home but at the end of the day, you both want different things. She wants friendship, something you are unable and unprepared to do (I'm not judging, just stating the facts). You want a relationship. Who knows why she insists on keeping you in her life on a string (that is her problem to solve) but you do not have to keep grabbing it. I think you need to accept you are not 'getting back together', you cannot be friends at this point in your life and to stop responding to her emails. You can step off this merry-go-round anytime you choose to.

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