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Facebook page causing issues


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A friend of mine is getting upset since another girl keeps popping up on her boyfriend's friends list on the left hand side of his page.

I have tried telling her that it is random but she is now becoming concerned that it is a sign of him visiting her page a lot.


Does it mean that there is a lot of contact there or does it mean that he or she is visiting each other pages a lot?

or is it random and it is just bad luck that she keeps appearing.

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lol I doubt it is random. I noticed the same thing, the same people appear on my bf's FB page on the left side. All of them are people that he had FB interactions with, such as "liking" their pics and Vice versa.


When I look at the ppl on the left side of my FB page, most of them are ppl who pressed a lot of "likes" on my status updates/pics or wrote on my wall / viceversa. So I guess FB picks the ppl that one had most interactions with (dont think that means they are recent tho... can also be 3+ months back)

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The algorithm is quite complex. It's not just about visiting each others' pages, but having similar interests/likes and liking each others' statuses/links/etc..... My senator actually pops up on my list from time to time. I read his links, often like them, and the statuses he posts. But him and I have never actually corresponded through messaging, nor has he ever 'liked' my status. unless my senator is stalking me, which would be ok, because I think he's kind of cute, lol!!!


Does your friend trust her boyfriend? It's possible that there is nothing more than an online friendship between these two.

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