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Need help! Shy guy!


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Hi, I'll just explain the situation.


I am smitten with this guy I met on a random online instant chat thing. I think I started talking to him way back in December last year. About February, I started talking to him more, I added him on msn. We have so much in common its ridiculous. We both love the same type of music, and we love xbox. So in around March, I asked if he wanted to hang out, grab a bit for dinner, play some xbox. So we did that, we met up, and we went back to his house. We did this the next night, because he lives down the street from me which is just weird and awesome at the same time. Then we did it again the next week, and the week after that. Then I moved away, two hours from where I live, and we still kept in contact on msn. I caught the train down a few times to visit him. In late June, he asked why we hadn't hung out for a while. I was really busy with work, but I moved back into my parent's place, which is back to the suburb he lives in, and I asked him to hang out. But we both have been busy lately.


Anyway, I'm totally confused. I have no idea what we can do together. We're not dating or anything like that, nothing official. But I really want to. The problem is, hes really shy, and I don't know want we can do together. I don't want to go over to his house to play xbox. Ugh I just don't even know what to say, I'm so nervous around him, its pathetic. I don't want to go to the movies though lol, but any suggestions on how to approach this??


Thanks, Quinnelle x

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A good trick is to use an emotionless form of technology to ask him to take the friendship further. Like MSN. It is hard to feel embarrassed or threatened over a technology medium such as text.


Take him on a proper date - ASK HIM OUT. The biggest problem with shy guys is they will almost never ask a girl out. They quite simply dont have the courage to do it. Trouble is, girls are also conditioned by society to never desire nor feel they are even capable of asking guys out. I dont doubt you fall into this category as very few girls feel they are even capable of doing it.


With shy guys, unless you are prepared to wait an eternity - you need to initiate things for them. Once you break them out of their shyness shell, things become easier for them.

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I guess my problem is also asking him out. I think its totally okay for girls to ask girls out but I'm actually really scared to do it. I'm usually not like this. I'm pretty confident and usually have no problem with guys but idk this shy guy is different so it's totally a new experience because I never usually meet up with people from the net or even date shy guys. But thanks guys for your advice, I'm working on the courage to ask him out ((:

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