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He's e-mailed me; what to do? Please help?


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I read it... it's whatever.



Hey __________,


I'm back home and had a great flight on the A380. Only my luggage got lost again just like when we came in winter, kinda a flashback lol, at least i packed accordingly given that experience.


I'll say hi to my mom for you.


I'll give you the things back when I'm on campus again. Good luck for moving and enjoy the rest of your summer!


Oh and thank you for reviewing my POT papers! I got an A in the class and even got a recommendation letter from the professor. I If you need a reviewer for a business paper, if you ever write one, let me know.


Take care,





So I went back to his hometown with him during Winter Break and that's why he said that about the flashback.


I'm not replying; there would be no point.

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Or just effing delete it and forget about it...you need to tell us more in order to comment.


If a month went by finding out what I knew in two weeks, I would have had her blocked at that point...so its up to you


Read it, now forgetting about it.


I can't block e-mails, however I knew that I had the option of not reading it, but I did. And it's okay.


He's got someone else now, actually. They got together the weekend (June 4-6) after our break-up week (May 31-June 3).

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Well, with that additional information, I would reply, and what I'd say would fill the air with red stars here so I won't try to repeat it.


What a tosser.


Good on you. You really seem to have it together


And he also broke up with me in the most cowardly way possible and called me mean names.


I'm glad for the break-up. He's just someone I once knew now.


Also, what was the point of mentioning a happy memory we once had together; I feel like he subconsciously wanted to hurt me and rub it in my face that I've been thrown away and replaced.


And I get a thank you (again, this is the second time he thanked me for this after our break-up) for reviewing his papers then flashes his wholly goodness to my face... Wow. I dated a douchebag.


And if ever I needed a reviewer for a business paper?! hahahahaaa I don't even write business papers whatsoever and he knows that. Everything is just a filler. It was a pointless e-mail.


And I really don't want my things anymore, I hope he throws them away or forgets about them. I'm not his friend nor will I ever be.


He's been knocked off the pedestal for a while now and this just sinks him deeper.

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