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Can't afford the necessities for myself.

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My sister is moving out tomorrow, which means my father will no longer pay half the rent. That leaves me stuck, since I have to give a months notice to move out (and where would I move anyway, theres no apartments in this town). I make $1200 a month and my rent alone is $750, nothing included. Hydro is $150 a month, my phone is $50 (really wish I could get out of the contract now) and baby expensives are $250 a month. That leaves me with no money for food or gas.

I cant afford to live here, I have ads posted everywhere for a roomate, but really, who wants to live with a baby?


I am on materinty leave for another 4 months before I go back to work.

I have calculated it and going back to work is not an option, I would only make minimum wage ($9.00) and the cost of daycare would be the same as me staying home.


I don't know what to do.

Any tips?

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Put the word out that you will do "emergency" baby care in your home. Parents pay very well when they are desperate. Regular day care might not be for you but 1 or 2 babies every other day could pay your bills. It's also a great way to "inherit" baby clothes/toys/necessities.

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Are you in the US? The government offers childcare assistance for people who make under a certain amount. Or you would probably be eligible for WIC (assistance program for women, infants, and children) or food stamps, which could really make the difference until you can find a cheaper place.

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