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1st WEEK NC.....


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Today is officially day 7 of NC and I feel like I should go out and buy a key chain or something. Keeping busy and staying positive although easier said than done, has done wonders for me. I know that it is hard and it feels like the sadness you feel is going to last forever BUT fortunately and unfortunately NOTHING lasts forever. You CAN take control of the way you feel. Just keep telling yourself I will not feel this way. I give myself a few minutes a day to feel sad, bc you do have to acknowledge and cope with your feelings, but then I tell myself its time to do something else and I continue with my day.


After my first major break up yrs ago, I was depressed for months. But I also was not pro-active in trying to heal myself or move forward. I allowed myself to stay stuck maybe bc it was my first major heartbreak, maybe i just didn't know better, but thankfully today I feel like I do know that I deserve to feel better for myself.


On Friday, I go for my first sonogram and I am pretty excited. It keeps my spirits up to see all the babies around in their little summer outfits. My mom and sister are going with me. Support is also important. Without my amazing family and friends it would be much harder for me.


In a lot of cases even if you don't feel like going out and seeing people, DO IT ANYWAY. You don't have to go through this alone, if someone wants to be there let them. Its easier when you surround yourself with people who love and care about you.


Things will get better. Little steps lead to big steps.

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Very good attitude and post kayleee. I need to approach my situation with that attitude, I am trying and its a struggle. The funny part is that I have been here before and know it gets better, just have to remember that. I really like your line that "fortunately and unfortunately nothing lasts forever". Very cool line there is such a duality to it, and makes me feel sad and hopeful at the same time if that makes sense? Anyway keep on doing what your doing sounds like you are on your way!

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It's 2 weeks today for me.


I feel GREAT. Really good. I had a miserable time towards the end, I saw it coming and knew she was seeing someone else (Deep down I knew, I didn't know for sure) and I was miserable but now I'm feeling good, happy and starting to get into other people.


I can do better and I know I can. It's her loss not mine, that's how I see it now. I do still think about her, miss her now and again and think "What's wrong with me?" but it's nothing compared to how I felt at first!


Things really do get easier, an NC really helps.


At first I wanted to shut everyone out and be alone... This is the worst thing you can do! Get out of the house, start talking to people about other things and move on.

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