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i cant stop thinking about him :/


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so i went out with this guy on my team that i play sport with. He is such a flirt... so anyways we ve been talking for a while, first time we went out to the cinemas cause he had to make it up for my b day then we went out bowling, which was quite nice. so from there it was just purely friendship...well then he keeps going on about us dating and all..and so we give it ago and we went on a date, i thought the night really nice and cute...we kissed and all...and i thought it went flawlesssly and then the next day he texted me saying his not sure that he wants to date me. He tells me his been single for so long and the age difference scares him...its only 6 years gap...i dont see the problem.. i told him give it a shot but he left me hanging with no answer... so i ended...i got really annoyed cause he could have the courage to say something if he didnt want to...


anyways time goes by and he continues to flirt with me...well we were back to being "normal" friends....but i still have a major crush on him

i dont know whats wrong with me...why cant i stop thinking about him...

i hate the fact he mislead me


this the first time i actually started to date somebody... after my ex...

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