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things didn't work out again


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So I just talked to this chinese girl I've been talking to for awhile. See my previous threads if you are at interested in who I'm talking about. We hung out twice, once was on 4th of july. Just got off skype talking to her and she pretty much said I'm in the friend zone to her. For some reason she wasn't comfortable with me touching her or even wrapping my arm around her. She also said that she thought we weren't a good match for each other because of "a girl's sixth sense" or some BS like that. She even called me sensitive... arrghh! Just as expected she said we should keep being friends.


F***. For once I seriously thought I had something going for me. I thought I had a chance with a smart, chinese girl who was honest, nice, honestly the 1st girl in awhile I wanted to be around because I genuinely liked her. Guess I didn't come accross as assertive enough. Looks like it's time to move on again. I think I'll be out of the dating game for awhile :sad:

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