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Hey guys, back after awhile.

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I used to come here quite a bit because I was pretty darn distraught about my break up knowing I caused most of it due to my immaturity. I've since grown quite a bit, I no longer carry this depression burden that I was going through when I was going out with her which lead to the break up. I feel totally fine now a days about the break up too, no feelings or anything for her anymore. She was pretty nasty to me for quite awhile but i don't think she believes she was...either way, it doesn't matter. A few months ago she asked for some stuff back and I just ignored her because I was finished with her and her unfriendly attitude.


I haven't seen her in almost a year and a half and one of these coming weeks I'm going to a free music festival where she may be (I hope not). I'm hoping I can go and enjoy myself and not run into her but if I do I wouldn't even know what to do. I feel like the proper thing to do would be to just smile and at least acknowledge her and keep moving on. Would it be kind of a nasty gesture to not even acknowledge someone? I feel like that's what I should do but I can't hold a grudge on someone for the life of me. What do you guys think? I don't even know if any of the people are still on this board from when I was on it back last year.

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I'm still here...*sigh*


I'm the same mate, I dont hold grudges....yet I understand where you're coming from, I dont feel like I would need to see my ex either. She rubbed her new RS in my face enough back in the day....


So my vote is that if you do see her, just smile and keep movin'...She may try and talk to you but don't give too much away...

If you are upset or say something with anger it would give her a little power boost, so keep it short and then say "...well, I gotta go. Catchya"...


Let her bring up ANY talk about the relationship and try to be cool, calm and unaffected...


Also this thread may help you to strengthen your resolve..>>


Other than that it's good to see you moving on nicely...I remember it got pretty bad for you*


Ever Forward

Carus* 8-)

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Ah thanks for you input man, and the link to your thread. I think I will just crack a smile if it comes down to it. I still feel a little angry about the way she handled stuff but staying mad at people is only hurting yourself. I honestly hope I don't see her though.

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