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torn ligament in my neck/ skull fracture

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jus wondering if anyone has ever had a torn or stretched ligament in the neck or had a skull fracture? how long did it take for you to heal? what were your treatments?


My story:

I was crossing the street and a man on a bicycle went through the red light and slammed into me full speed. I was knocked unconcious for a brief amount of time. My nose got fractured, my skull got fractured (non displaced linear fracture), and I pulled a ligament in my neck. I need to wear a hard neckbrace for 4-6 weeks.


I had headaches for the first few days but now they are gone. My ears are still ringing however. At first I lost my sense of taste and smell. I have some taste and smell now but some foods taste really weird and so my taste and smell are distorted. (It has now been one month since the accident).


Now, will my smell and taste ever be normal? Will I ever need surgery? And I can really become paralyzed if I move my neck the wrong way?


It's been one month, is my neck mostly healed?


I have my next doctor appointment august 1st. just wondering if anyone has had similar experiences.

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My son had a compression skull fracture. It healed in about 8 weeks on it's own and he ended up not needing surgery. This was from a car accident where the seat was dislodged and rammed into the side of his head.


I wouldn't imagine you have any risk of paralysis unless you somehow broke your neck. Now THAT would be another matter. Where exactly was your skull fractured? Is it near the spinal cord or another vital area where the doctors gave you urgent warnings?


I think you will take longer than 1 month to heal. I would think 2-3 months is more realistic, but of course talk to your doctors about what your specific situation is. You may need follow up treatment, therapy, or other procedures which could stretch out your recovery.


I'm so sorry you are going through this.

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Are you having any physio for your neck? Did they recommend it? If they did I would strongly encourage it if they did. I had 4 whiplash injuries to the same side of my neck and I am in pain every day. I did not do the physio they wanted me to do.


I am so sorry this happened, it must be distressing.

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My skull fracture is in the occipital lobe, but i believe linear fractures are long? plus my nose is fractured; i don't know if thats all connected.


The doctor said my ligament injury can cause the bones in the neck to move, and if that happens the bones can go into my spinal cord (which can cause paralysis). this is why i have to wear the neck brace. but i am just so terrified on moving my neck the wrong way



they are not doing anything. they just tell me to wear the collar and get another MRI in a month. i just hope all is healing ok.

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