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Make a long story short...my ex and I broke up 2 months ago...

for about 2 months, once a week, i would try to win her back...but the wrong way. i would say needy things like "i love you, i want you back, give me a chance". i would cry, i yelled at her and i insulted her saying things like "you only think about yourself, you're gunna get * * * * ed over by another guy and i wont be there to console you". i called the next day and apologized, and she accepted (not really). even a week after i apologized and she accepted it saying "i forgive you. bcz now i know you never meant those words". After that emotional roller coaster...she still contacted me 1 week after the fact (bcz i bought a mac book pro and i made it evident on facebook). she wanted to help me learn how to use it. (what?) any reasonable woman (after being yelled at) would have said "screw this guy!!!" but she didnt...in fact, she found out i was talking to one of her * * * * friends and she started calling me low (bull * * * * !)


(which woman would hear all those nasty things, and still break contact?)


I msged her friend telling her that i still miss her last week, big mistake. she definitely told her. the last thing my ex told me was "ill keep in touch" (2 weeks ago).


Recently...she posted some things on facebook. Quotes about moving on, being superior, and how ppl should mind their own business. (trying to allude to me, saying "stop questioning my friend")


Is all this effort good or bad? If she really didnt care about me would she have not posted anything like that?

I havent said a word to her for the past 2 weeks and 2 days, but i know her friend told her that we contacted one another. so, indirectly, its been about 1 week and 2 days of NC, but its been 2 weeks and 2 days of no direct contact. Is she just acting immature? She even went to a prom with this other guy...(the reason why i contacted her friend in the first place)


Is he a rebound? We dated for 11 months. And...is she acting immature? Should i keep the NC? Should i wish her happy birthday in a week?


Please help!!!

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and i shouldnt even wish her hbd? she's acting a lil flirtatious on fb (which is really disrespectful. i treated this girl like gold).

you think not wishing her hbd would make her feel like she's losing me for good this time? or should i wish her hbd so that she thinks im over it, and im still moving on? im not going to contact her again after i send her the bd wishes...

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