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Decent tasting lube...without sugar


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I tend to get a bit dry down there, so if we're having a prolonged sex session, lube is a must. However, my significant other enjoys pulling out halfway through to have me go down on him for a bit (or else I get too sore for sex, so I have to finish him off orally). I don't have a problem with any of that EXCEPT for the NASTY taste of lube. So I refuse. He gets blue balls. No one's happy.


We should use flavored lube, right? Wrong. Because we're using it for vaginal intercourse, the sugars in flavored lube increase the chance of yeast infections, which I'm already prone to.


Any suggestions for lube that's not flavored with sugars but doesn't taste too gross?

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Since you are prone to yeast infections, you'll want to avoid products that contain glycerin as well. As a heterosexual male, I'm not typically known to gulp lubricant. However, due to my last partner's reproductive issues/propensity for infection, I can offer some opinion. When practicing long sessions of manual stimulation to produce female ejaculation, I'd likely place Sliquid's line of products in the fairly benign taste category. You'd probably prefer the water based lubricants, as I'd imagine it would disperse from your mouth more quickly. I've read that Sex Grease is completely tasteless, though I believe it isn't paraben free.

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