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Best Friend moved away


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Her husband got stationed on the complete opposite side of the country, one coast to the next. I miss her horribly and we've been texting a bit which helps, but it still sucks. (We've never really been phone talkers.) I don't have anyone who can come hang out on a moments notice.


I guess I'm just kind of feeling sorry for myself. I'm used to being the one who leaves, not the one who's left behind.


I'm starting a new job Wednesday, so that should help me a little bit with socializing. But other than that, I have no clue how to find friends. It's easier when you're in school.

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My heart goes out to you. Get a good head set and send her one, too. Then get a good phone plan, and you can visit whenever you want. Your hands will be free, and you'd be surprised how quickly tedious things like folding laundry or putting away groceries or cleaning out a closet can go by when you're gabbing with a friend on a phone that doesn't feel like a phone.


Texting doesn't cut it. Speaking from your heart keeps you connected, and a glass of wine helps.

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