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Men, Don't Waste Your Time & Money at Bars & Clubs - Here's Why


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Bars and clubs were once venues in which women came to actively seek and meet men. It was once socially acceptable and expected for men to approach women in this setting.


Lately, I've noticed the dynamic in bars and nightclubs shifting. Rather than the singles/meat markets of yore, bars and clubs are now becoming venues for groups of friends to celebrate some sort of group event - birthday parties, stagettes, "girls night out" etc. Blame smartphones, texting, Facebook, and social networking sites that allow for groups of friends to stay in constant connection with each other, yet form cliques and isolate themselves from the rest.


Furthermore, the growing popularity of online dating means women no longer need to actively seek men - women can field multiple date requests from the comfort of their own homes. This is why bars and clubs have increasingly become sausagefests - single women aren't going out as much today. They don't need to. They're staying home.


And therein lies the paradox of today's broken bar/club scene. Men flood clubs in the vain hopes of attracting women to date. Girls go to clubs to seek attention and put up pictures on Facebook the next morning, and jealousy prevents each other from hooking up. So the vast majority of men go home alone on yet another night. If they're successful, they'll walk out with a flaky number or two. Sexually frustrated, they start fights with other guys.


And yet I live near a campus with a 2-to-1 girl-guy ratio. This is definitely not reflected in the sausagefest bars and clubs I frequent, where the ratio is flipped. So where are all the single girls? At home on a Friday night, watching Twilight for the 12th time. Not at the bars and clubs.


And here's the irony - there are still a lot of single, lonely girls out there. With women increasingly shunning bars and clubs, and online dating still carrying the stigma of a reserve for "desperate creepy guys", where is a girl to meet a quality man? And where is a man to meet a quality girl?


During the day.


Yet most men have way too much of a fragile ego to overcome the inevitable sea of rejections that will come when first starting out. And they're frightened by social shaming terms like "creeper" and "stalker" used by girls to scare off beta guys from approaching during the day.


Approaching a beautiful woman during the day - sans alcohol - and getting her phone number requires a great deal of skill and tact. Yet if the attraction is there and a genuine rapport is made, the phone number is far less likely to flake.


Lads, don't be afraid to approach that beautiful woman during the day.

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Mace, this isn't a PUA forum. The last thread you posted on this theme was closed and this one will likely be as well. I suspect you'd have more of an audience in the PUA crowd.


This has nothing to do with PUA. Not sure what you find objectionable about the content here.

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