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fwbs.....Could some advice please


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So I have been seeing this girl for a few months now. We are not dating and not in a committed relationship. We are good friends but we have had sex 5 0r 6 times.


We have both agreed we did not want anything serious because a: I am not ready for a serious relationship and B: she has 2 kids. She has her own reasons too.


We talk regularly and are open with each other with many things.


So I helped her move like 10 days ago ( I took the day off work and she would of been screwed if I wasnt there to help her and I gave her a t.v and couch because she needed them) We went out that night had a good time and said our good byes at the end of the night..


Now we havent spoken since, so I decided to text her yesterday to see how she was doing. No response.


Now don't get me wrong, I have been kind to her because I care and am not looking for anything in return but I am pissed she is not responding ( she always responds right away)


She is in the middle of a divorce and with 2 kids i understand she is busy but I cant help think well maybe she is trying to work things out with her ex or maybe she found someone else but we are friends and I thought friends talk about these things.


I am thinking of sending her a message like " I am not sure why your not replying but I thought I a least deserved an explanation of why we are not talking anymore, if not have a good summer"


something down those lines, what do you think??



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Sure sounds like you are in a relationship to me - sex, helping someone move, talking about feelings, etc. I think that sleeping with or dating someone who is in the middle of a divorce is too messy. I would really leave her be until she is legally free to be in a relationship. Also, if she is not emotionally ready for a relationship, she seems to be using you. You are doing everything a boyfriend does without her having to acknowledge you.


btw, if you are upset about her not responding - you were only in a fwb, no? So you can't care about that. If you feel this is more, then talk to her. If is going througn a bad divorce, maybe she feels she can't talk right now if she is trying to reconcile with her husband, the kids are demanding her time, or there is drama,

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