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Some one help me... i dont know what to do..

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Hello, i am an 18 year old male having very... conflicting emotions.. i need someone to help me.


A couple months ago my girlfriend broke up with me. i took it extremely hard because of the connection we had, i was so in love with her. My fear of losing her caused me to panic when it actually happened, trying pathetic attempts to get her back, yet always failing. After many painful days later, i took the hint that we would never work again. Weeks later, I started feeling better, still hurting, but feeling better. Months went by and she never texted me, nor did i to her. Well now i find this new girl. She is younger than me by 3 years, im 18 and shes 15, and normally i would never consider someone like her... but shes so mature for her age. i feel like i'm talking to a 20 year old when i converse with her. Another thing is, I absolutely adore the piano, and come to find out, she has more passion for the piano than i do. I find myself falling for this new girl...


Well fast forward a week later, and my ex sends me a text. the text explains that she is happy i found some else (even though i have no idea how the hell she so quickly knew i was talking to someone else) and that she means that in a nice way, she tells me she hopes the new girl will make me happy and that she is always here if i need someone to talk too. I tell her thanks and we have a bit of small talk before she says she has to go. Well now i'm a bit confused.. but i keep moving on with this new girl. We get along great but i don't feel the connection with her like i do my ex.


A couple days later my ex texts me again saying "Patrick i dont think we can just be friends.... every time i hear about you and her i burst into tears. I still love you patrick, and its not right for me to tell you what to do, but i miss you so much. i hope she makes you happy.. i know i was a * * * * * to you and i should have treated you better. im trying to fix this.."


This text killed me.. a rush of feelings came back to me in a second and hit me like a freight train. I texted her back explaining the situation im in and how i dont think i can take her back. But her next texts were just filled with emotion and hurt feelings... it was hard for me to read. Last night i got a text from her saying "Biggest headache ever #Cantstopcrying" and then "oh sorry.. that was suppose to go to twitter"


I dont know what the hell i should do... i really like this new girl. We share so much of the same interests. But im still in love with my ex... and my ex is dying to have me back.. she is texting me more than ever now..


Someone please help me..

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This will seem a little cold-hearted but make a list of why you should be with her or the new girl. And then a list of why you should not be with either of them. It may clarify your thinking.


But let's be clear - if she wants you back she is the one who has to ask.

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