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If you could live for a while in another country...


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...without having to worry about practicalities or finances of moving, where would you choose to go?


I would love to live in


- New York. I love the vibe and the metropolitan feel of that city and would like to experience more of it.


- Japan - for the food, and to experience the culture.


- Istanbul - that city just seems amazing on every level, architecture, culture, food, etc.


- some little village by the Mediterranean Sea, maybe in Italy or Portugal, so I could wake up and see the sea every day, go swimming and walking on the beach, and enjoy good Mediterranean cuisine.



What about you?

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It made me realize how much I love being where I am that I had to really think about it but......


-somewhere on the Dalmation coast....beautiful and interesting


- Edinburgh, I've read so much about it


- Yorkshire, because my sister always goes into raptures about it


- Florence, because I'm sure I lived there in another life, ha!, because I never got lost there!

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As a spoiled New Yorker, the only other city I've seen that I could picture living in for an extended period of time is Shanghai. That seems to have everything and every culture and in wonderfully high density of excitement per block. I'm always amazed by how small other so-called "big cities" are compared to NYC.

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Somewhere in the Middle East perhaps Beirut or Damascus - I love the hustle and bustle, the mystery and sponteinenty of the Middle East. Damascus is one of my most favorate cities in the world and the Syrian people are probably the nicest people I've come accross yet on my travels.

Israel - Tel Aviv/Jerusalem - Just love the vibe of both of the cities and the energy of the people who live there. People really live and embrace life there. The food in Israel is absolutely AMAZING.

Somewhere in central Europe/Germany - Like someone said the travel opportunities available if you live in Europe is amazing. I live in the most isolated major city in the world so this aspect appeals to me.

Somewhere in Africa - I was born in Africa and have always wanted to live some part of my adult life there. One of my best friends lives in Tanzania and I'm very envious of his lifestyle.

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I love the Middle East, I've lived there and would love to go back at some point. Damascus is definitely on my list of greatest cities, too, and so is Beirut.


As for Africa, I spent some time in Zanzibar over a decade ago and it is such a beautiful place. Another place I'd love to go back to.

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Canada would be my first choice. Right now I am staying with relatives in Vancouver and I love it here. The air is so cool and dry, it's refreshing. And I think I'm getting used to the climate. I thought I would be freezing,and I was at first. But now I'm wearing my big jacket less and less, just a long sleeved shirt is enough. But then again, it is the middle of summer right now.


As for the people...well, I can't say much because so far I've mostly just been going where my relatives take me. Not much opportunity to meet new faces.

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There are so many places, so many memories *sigh*. Maybe my choice would be Cuzco in Peru as i can see myself just sitting in the main square all day watching life go by, watching the tourists come and go and the locals go about their daily business. So much about Peru feel like home.


Another is the ultra cool Berlin, hanging out at a rundown warehouse party full of alternative like minded folk sipping on cheep German beer and listening to techno music all night is very cool. So much history and the thing is Berliner's are some of the most well educated, intelligent peace loving people I've ever met.


I have to include Amsterdam for it's people and the crazy things that go on there, it's like all the weirdo's, freaks, nut-jobs, pimps, and drug dealers all converged into one city and call it home, somehow it still keeps beauty.



I could go on and on... I'll add a few later.

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I'd try living in the US for a while (just a short time tho), probably west coast, then I'd go for latin america, like Costa Rica.

Australia wouldn't be bad either. Also would love to live in Spain and Paris for a while



ahhhh why is this world so full of exciting places

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So many places to choose from, I gues i would like to return to Marin County, for its beauty and closeness to SF, or Go to Britany in France, where i ,y father is from ( i was there when i was 13 with my father, he is from there, and i would be nice to try to learn more about were he is coming from. Or Paris where there is so much history around and nice food, and that i also visited as a child.

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