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Gf past experience


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I have been with my gf since one yr and 3 months now and we both like each other a lot. I am 23 and yes she is the only girl i have liked in my life. I spent all these years on my academics and did not have active personal nor social life . .A few days back out of nowhere she started speaking about one of the incidents she apparently wanted to tell me since a long time. She is 20 now. When she was like 14 her cousin ( a boy who has a bad history and just came out of a court hearing) manipulated her to go out with him for a party by saying "oh I am sure you are feared of dark and cannot come with me to a party" , she retaliated and said yes i will. And they both jumped out of the window and went to the party at around midnight. The cousin was around 17 by that time.


This is where I fear she is hiding something since I have noticed her lieing a few times to me just to suite my interests. Then she continued saying that there were a lot of people in the party in their teens and she was probably the youngest. The cousin introduced his friend to her and he left. The friend was supposedly speaking nicely to her and once he was drunk he started kissing her in his room and moved on to kiss her private parts. After some time she left the place.


Now she says he only kissed her and she had no interest and she left but.... i have doubts, if she was not drunk and in her senses what was she doing alone in his locked bedroom and she did not resist to speak with him in a locked bedroom.....i am puzzled and dont know how to react., but i have been trying to be supportive and calmed her down and comforted her and did not rise any questions. She said thats it . But when we have this conversation she is completely filled with tears and broken down. It is really very grave and I somehow feel this type of reaction is a lot if somone is kissed. I suspect she is hiding somestuff.


I would be over reacting if this was it. But all these days she said I was her first but she keeps gettin these sms and emails from guys i dont know and they are very intimate and she doesnt know that i know. i am confused. Any suggestion would be really helpful. They even write post letters.


One more thing i have noticed about her is that she tries to be with all the guys she meets i guess. She asks for their email or post address and keeps in contact with them even if they met just once and they are mostly guys. she has mentioned about 10 guys who wanted to be with her till now. Is she trying to show me something or is it an effect of the trauma she underwent when she was 14 i dont understand. Please help.

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