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New to the dating business, need advice


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Hi Everyone


Im new to all this dating business so I'm looking for some advice.


I met a really lovely guy for a date yesterday, we took a walk around a lake and then sat and talked for a good couple of hours. The guy is in the Navy and had to go back to base last night, which is at the other end of the country, but when we parted he gave me a really lovely hug and asked if he could see me again when he is next in town which is in 3 weeks time (he's back for 2 weeks). He text me shortly after the date to say that he had a lovely time and he would like to do it again also, but now he's gone back to base I dont know how much contact I should make with him, as I dont want to seem stalkerish or clingy but yet I want him to know i'm still interested. What do you guys suggest??


Jodi xx

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If he's quite busy, then just text him every couple of days.


Don't blow up his phone with thousands of texts but don't go a whole week without texting either.


And the good thing is, usually he might initiate the texting, so just go with the flow.

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Well, he text me yesterday afternoon saying 'hey you, x' so I text back saying 'hi, lovely to hear from you, how you doing? xx' and didnt get a reply, so I text him later in the evening saying 'hey, did you get my text earlier? Hows your day been? Ive had a really busy one today xx' still not had a reply back, but I dont know what shifts he's working as he's on maintenance at base at the moment. I'm not going to text him again as I dont want to look clingy or anything, but do you think it would be a good idea to maybe call him towards the weekend to say hi? I hate this whole texting business, I'd much rather speak to somebody in person!

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