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first date, no kiss


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Hey all!


I'm kind of new to dating.. I was in a 5 yr relationship so I'm not exactly experienced with it!

I went on a date a couple of nights ago.. and I'm just wondering when/if I should call him.. or how to tell if he's interested or not?? Or to just calm down and wait it out.. which I already kind of know is what I should do!

We met up for the first time, we were complete strangers and we shared some food, and a few drinks at a local pub.. I got a bit typsy but not enough that I looked stupid or anything (I'm hoping).

He was a really nice guy and we seemed to really be able to talk and have a good time, there were no awkward silences whatsoever, although I'm still hoping I wasn't to giggly from the beer.

We started to head off in our different directions and there was a hug goodbye.. but I have no idea really whether he's interested in seeing me again! He didn't say anything like "we should do this again" and he didn't kiss me??

I think he was just being a gentleman and not wanting to move to quickly, and there wasn't really a good opportunity to kiss either.

He gave me his cell phone number before the date, but I'm not sure if he's interested in hearing from me again. I figure if he wants to hear from me, he will find a way to get in touch with me?

Should I call him to thank him for the good time and that I really enjoyed meeting him or just wait a while, and if I don't hear from him, give up! lol..

I don't know, let me know what ya think =)



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Most first dates don't end with a kiss, especially if that was your first true meeting, so don't worry about that. If you had a good time, call and tell him! That leaves it open for him to ask you out again. If he gave you his number, you are meant to use it. Guys are unsure too about when to call, etc. I would call once. If you get his voice mail, leave a message and wait for him to call you back. Don't call twice. If you get him and manage to talk and he doesn't say "i am in a meeting, can you call me in an hour?" just call him the one time and let him reciprocate. I am the type that would wait for the other person to call - but maybe he's the same. He may not think you are interested if you haven't called just to say you had a good time, or he might be busy. I would take a risk and if your risk doesn't pay off, there are other fish in the sea. Also, give him time. If you talk and he doesn't call right away - things are still new. But if he never calls again - then just move forward. Also, I would still accept dates from others unless you get to date him a few times and it feels like its going somewhere.

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Kissing on the first date is NOT a requirement. If it happens, it happens. That is up to both parties to agree to at the time.


No. Guys dont go searching for a girls phone number. It is bad practice to do that as it can be seen as stalking in the girls eyes. Remember, HE gave YOU his phone number. That means YOU are the only one able to initiate contact via phone. By giving you his phone number, he has given you permission to call him. 2-4 days after the date is a good rule of thumb for when you should call to offer comments on the date and a chance to set up another if both parties are in agreement that things are good between the two of you.


So yes, if YOU are interested, it is YOU who should call HIM.

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On most of my first dates this year, I usually get a brief text later that night or the next day from the girl just saying that she had a great time and would like to go out again. Why not do this and then he'll have your number too. It also keeps the pressure off both of you. If he's interested, he should then call you to setup the next date.

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I think its too late to send a text. Texts are fine for on the way home from a date or immediately the next morning IF the guy is a texter because it shows interest but you also didnt want to look too forward, but when 3-4 days pass, a call is imperitive. A text looks like an afterthought.

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Yeeeeah, I was thinking of txting.. unfortunately my cell phone is currently out of order =( it would have made it sooooooo much easier though!

He has my home number but I still live at home so I'm thinking he may not want to risk having to chat with my mother lol... I dunno, I'm kinda worried about it less.. I have him on IM too sooo he might be waiting the 3-4 days =P I dunno thou. I am fine alone, and if this doesn't pan out, I will continue to be just fine! and have plenty of other interesting people to date =D

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