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He wanna call, I don't. Yet.


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I met this guy through a friend and we e-mailed to get to know each other. He gave me his number last night and we texted. We started this little questions game to get to know each others life.

He said I was mysterious, so I told him he could ask me 15 questions. Anything, no limits. I answered today. I texted him, asking if I could ask him 15 questions and he said yes as long as I call him because he wanna hear my voice. He then sent a second message saying that I obviously wanna be with him or else I'd be gone (which is not true because we haven't met and I don't know yet) and to be real.


1- I'm not ready to call him yet, I'd rather ask him the questions by texts.

2- It's who I am, shy and reserved. In a week or two I will call him, but the questions I don't know. It would be weird to ask on our first phone conversation. He asked me personal questions, and if I ask him the same kinda questions, it will be awkward.


How do I tell him I don't wanna call yet without sounding like I'm cold. How do I get myself out of this situation?

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I think that you should call him. Honestly, both of you have each other's numbers (which more props to you), and I think you would get a better sense of who each other are if you actually speak to each other. Text is great and adorable, but it doesn't give any sense of emotion, or personality. It only has any emotion, or personality because you put emotion, meaning, and personality to it when you read it, like when kindergarten teachers change their voices for different characters.


I understand that talking to someone on the phone after e-mailing and text may give you a sense of more insecurities because let's face it. It's easier to edit yourself the way you want yourself to be in letters that you have more control of. You can delete, replace, reword, ETC. For all you know, he's doing the exact same thing. Talking on the phone is just a small set to either something adventurous, or just... something. That's up to you. I think it's going to give you a chance to be more of yourself and him a chance to be himself.

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[+QUOTE=blackhawks1287;4894356]But that is an interesting game to play, since you could bull * * * * the answers very easily...


I agree. That kind of thing isn't for everyone. I tire of guys who prefer texting easily. If we can't talk, a relationship will probably not happen.

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