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New boyfriend, old problem


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The guy I am newly dating is great, I am crazy about him and he is crazy about me.


Problem tho: when we are out on the street or in a restaurant and theres an attractive guy , my bf just HAS to say something like " damn that guy is hot" ... I know when someone is hot, i can SEE too, i dont know why it has to be pointed out to me.


Is this normal ? because my last bf did the same thing. I get annoyed and im not sure if hes doing it as a joke at this point or not. I dont want to seem insecure or tell him what he can or cant say, so what do i do?


he gets irritated when I do it back, in revenge form. I really like this guy and I learned alot from my last relationship where my heart was broken, so I dont want to repeat the same mistakes. Thanks

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Yes, I would call it normal. Or at least far more common in same-sex relationships, given that you can easily relate and share in the experience of checking out someone who's hot. In opposite-sex relationships it tends to be a bit more clouded with jealousy and such, as both sides have a hard time empathizing with each other. But that's just my experience.

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Why not consider it a matter of him trying to impress you with his good taste? Honestly, my own mother comments on hot people, male or female, when she sees them. If he's not slobbering, flirting obnoxiously or otherwise behaving in a way that's disrespectful and hostile toward you, where's your payoff in using your own mind to drill until you upset yourself? Can't you admire someone else's beauty without feeling ripped off?

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