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Feeling a little lost in life...Advice Please!

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Hey people


Anyone else feeling a little directionless at the minute? I'm not depressed or anything I just feel a little 'unsatisfied' with life at the minute.


I've just finished a degree in English and am home for the summer and honestly have no idea where to head next. I’ve applied to do a course to convert to law and also a masters but that was just out of not knowing what else to do. I'm working as a temp at the moment so I’m not work shy but I have an interview this week for a full-time job in the city which I honestly don't want. I feel bad saying that with the tons of unemployed we have but I just don't want this particular job or have an idea which one I do want


My parents say that they don't mind what I do and whatever makes me happy but I know they have expectations. I'd like to travel for a while but there are two problems which is what I wanted to ask.


1.) I have a girlfriend, who has no interest in travel and wants to get a job after college. I don't know what a prolonged separation would do to our relationship


2.) There's is no one that I could really travel with. Not that I'm a loner but all of my friends have jobs or no funds to travel with so on my own is the only way. I don't mind being alone but the prospect of being in SE Asia (where I wanna go) alone is a bit daunting. Any advice people? Do u meet plenty of like minded people.


Never thought I’d be asking for this advice but my best friend/confidant moved away last year and I’m not the best talker with my parents.


Looking for a bit of direction here (particularly about the travel) so any advice welcome

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I highly recommend that you start out small with anything that you want to do in life. It's just the fair way to go, I guess.


And I might have an excellent idea for you if you agree with me.


First, don't go as far as you would like. You save both on time, energy, and money. Because of that, you also get the chance to stay better in touch with your girlfriend.


Then, staying in the country also allows you to work! Try to fix yourself a budget, and to add in extra to in your budget as much as you earn. It's a great way of making an excuse to find work, and also not expensive at all when you look over everything you had as an experience for this much money. You also eliminate the danger of traveling too far away from home alone.


I think that in the end you can still have an amazing experience, and learn so much in something that looked so simply on paper that you will remember it for a long time being one of your favorite unexpected moments of your life.


If you're curious about SEA, I can give you more info. I haven't been everywhere, but I have learned a lot about those countries.

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