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Feeling fat, ugly and my illness

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Posted a few threads all over these boards latley, it helps me to get things off my chest.


First was the girl I've been seeing leaving me for someone else (Either "cheating" on him with me, or on me with him, no idea)


It's really hurt me, and left me wondering whats up with me..


I feel fat and ugly. I've always felt I was ugly, but even more so now. I've even been throwing up after I've ate, which I have never done before. But some reason as much as I enjoy my food when eating, not long after I feel I have to be sick becaue it's going to make me more fatter.

I keep saying I will join a gym, but never do. I'm afraid of going alone and been really unfit infront of people.


I have no self confidence, can't go up and talk to women as I feel they will just laugh at me. I manage to talk to people online and become close with them, but have issues actually meeting them, thinking they won't like what they see.


Also, I have an illness called Ulcerative Colitis - Some of you may know of it, but it's something I will always have and have to keep taking medication for it. This also puts me off meeting people, as I'm afraid they will run a mile when I tell them what i have :sad:


Don't even know why I'm posting here as I don't know if anyone can help me here or not, but just had to get it off my chest!

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Looks doesn't matter much, the person's behaviour and manners matter a lot. In that you are good I can tell by reading ur posts.

Take regular medicine and eat healthy diet every thing will be fine soon.

Writing does help a lot in lowering the tensions of life so keep writing.

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UC is no joke I feel for you but, you need to work on yourself before worrying about women. What they say is true, if you can't see yourself in a positive light it will be hard for someone else.


If you feel fat, either accept that you are fat or try to lose weight. Some fat guys get lots of chicks because they accept themselves for how they are. I would also say women are a #s game. Sure if you look like Brad Pitt, it helps but, even if you don't keep trying. The more you try the better chance you have of meeting someone who likes you. There is someone out there for everybody, you just have to keep looking. IMO the important thing is to keep trying, because as long as you are trying you have a chance.

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That's true jsew but looks are the initial thing people look at, so they don't always give the time to get to know your personality! haha.

Writing helps a lot, rather than bottling it all up inside


I used to be fine with my weight as I'm not obese, far from it. But now, after rejection it's just really made me feel bad. I just need to get back to my old self!

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