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Your First Time


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Well, I spoke to mum about this scenario a while ago, and I got birth control just over a month ago now, because I am now in a relationship where there is a lot of chemistry between the 2 of us. I wanted it to be right

I lost my virginity last Saturday, and personally I have had blood spots over the past few days but nothing major- and Im tender, but thats disappearing more and more everyday. While it was rather painful, it was so worth it... it was a magical experience ^-^

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My first time, I didn't bleed nor did I feel any pain. I guess I was lucky!!

That being said, my boyfriend insisted I be on top. I didn't really know what I was doing (he had had sex before), so really, he should have taken more charge there. I felt I was doing all the work with no experience! Overall, it was pretty anti-climatic. It didn't hurt, didn't feel good, didn't feel magical, didn't change anything really. It was just very blah/neutral.

(It got better, of course!!)

I honestly cannot even remember how long I had been dating the guy! But I do know I loved him and thought he was "the One".

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My first time hurt so bad, I was 14 and trying to earn love. It hurt for days after too. I'd recommend waiting for someone you love. I'm with a guy now, and even though most people tells me he is the awkwardest gangly looking man they've ever seen, all I can see is beautiful. Maybe he's not the one, but I think it's not something to be rushed. Check yourself, you don't have to be a sappy romantic and wait for the perfect time. But deffinitely things are better with your best friend as opposed to someone you feel like you should be getting onto the next step with.

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a little shy saying it but i didnt cum the first three times? i didnt feel anything i got her off cuz i can stay hard for hours, then i fingered and ate her out. but after that? yeah i still didnt cum. but the third time? i just didnt jack off for like a week and then i came in five minutes, but luckily i think cuz im young i got hard a second after and we made love for two hours and i came way too much. but since then just diff positons with my ex and i can cum when i want or hold it in for hours. whichever lol. and that was my first and last time as of today at least. only had sex with one person, lots of times but still just with my ex.


idk i kinda view myself as still immature and a kid? and think its kinda weird a girl wants me sexually and everything idk. my exes all left hickeys and i refused sex cuz i was shy. when i grow up hopefully it'll change. i just hate it when a girls all oh thats my sexy man. gives me the shivers. i didnt grow up thinking i want to be sum girls sex toy. i rather just play ps3 or ride my bike with my gf.

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