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Your First Time


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I would like to know how your first time sex experience was. Was it good, bad, what was the good about it? What was the bad about it? Did it hurt a lot? Did you attempt to have sex but couldn't due to either the penis not wanting to go into the vagina or loss of erection?

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it was so much fun, i had so much adrenaline running through my body while doing it it was crazy, and combined with the nerves and excitement i don't thin ill feel that way again. off course it was a good experience! it wasn't the best but hey can't expect magic with out learning a few tricks.

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Nerve racking to be quite honest. I (lol) actually watched pornos beforehand as i didnt want to be 'bad' for the girl i was with.


I hated it the first time actually. Not because it was terrible or i was terrible. I didnt know what i was doing and i hated not knowing pretty much everything. As usual when you are young and inexperienced - you want your first time to blow your partners mind. Of course you never understand the fact that that is highly unlikely to happen.


(it did NOT help her best female friend was present in the room... made my performance become like standing in front of a crowd for the first time)

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As a female it was VERY painful. It's not that painful for everyone but it was for me. Its very important that the guy takes his time and that the female is relaxed. According to my experience and stories from friends, it is not really a romantic time. It was more like waiting to get it over with! But I think the experience also depends on the feelings you have for the person.

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my first time was the greatest experience in my life, granted, the sex has gotten wayyy better after that, but i was way in my thirties, and it was with the love of my life, who waited so patiently for me to be ready, cause at first i was even too scared to look into his eyes, let alone kiss or touch him....he stayed around, made me comfortable, broke down my walls, made me feel safe, beautiful and loved and so when it finally happened i was so comfortable with him and he was so sweet and gentle that it didn't hurt at all and was amazing....to finally feel that connection with the man i loved was really wonderful......after that first time i was out of my shell and didn't know why i had been so scared of it all that time...it hurts for some women but for me, no pain at all....just lots of emotions....i will always treasure that first time even though it is so much better now...and still with that same man!

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SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PAINFUL!!! Of course my boyfriend at the time was 17 so although he tried to be patient and understanding he jumped me like a jack rabbit which made me feel like I was never going to like sex again. We would try once a month for like 4 months.


A year and a half later after we had broken up we ended up having sex again and it didn't hurt. And now we both enjoy it very very much ;P

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I was nervous about my body, that I wasn't sexy enough. There was always the fact that my mom was constantly calling and making sure I was really soending my night with my best friend. But the immediate issue was that I couldn't get wet enough and every time he changed the angle it would hurt like hell.

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The first 3 times hurt. We would try for a minute or two and I just couldn't take the pain. By the 4th time, it didn't feel so bad, and by the 5th time, it started to feel pretty good.


And after that, we learned about lubricant.


Lol. Well done.

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My first time was very random. My boyfriend had sex with one girl prior to getting with me so he had some experience. Oddly enough we were naked on the couch at his apartment just fooling around and then decided to take it to the bedroom. This was on the eve of my birthday, Halloween night. So anyways it was nearly midnight so I would of been 19 turning 20 when I lost it lol. We tried 2 attempts this first attempt he got it in but I was in so much pain I asked him to stop. So we watched TV then both wanted to try again.


The second time hurt but we both agreed to keep going. The first 10 times hurt like hell for me and there was blood 6 of those times. It is almost 5 years later and the sex has gotten better since then, aside from the few times my boyfriend gets off before me. However we both are working on making it better, so we'll see how it goes.

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Good to hear that some of you have had little to no problems with your first time. As of right now, I'm single and still a virgin and want to try and remain a virgin until marriage, but lately, I keep getting those feelings where I want to know what sex is like. It's hard at times.

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would like to know how your first time sex experience was.



**Honeymoon night Mexico



Was it good, bad, what was the good about it?


**Beyond a man's wildest dreams.


What was the bad about it? Did it hurt a lot? Did you attempt to have sex but couldn't due to either the penis not wanting to go into the vagina or loss of erection?


**No issues that night 5x times, that night our son was concieved (yes honeymoon baby).

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for me the first time hurt a little but when we got into it , it was amazing and after we finished we thought instead of being boring and doing the same thing over again we found all different position's to do to spice it up ^^ if need any just ask ^^ x

here to help x


but the first time i came a lot but when it came to him he soaked the bed which was really good ^^ x and exciting

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  • 3 months later...

My first time hurt and I bled of course. I think I did the second too. It was nothing extraordinary, I wasn't in a relationship with him at the time (dated him before) but I was comfortable enough with him. Not because I was inlove but because I wanted to be 'free' of my virginity, I was 21.

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  • 4 months later...

I was 16. I had been "seeing" this guy for about a year, and decided I really wanted to have sex with him, so I went to planned parenthood and got on birth control. Even though he was a couple years older than me and had had sex a few times before, when I told him about it, he didn't think it was a good idea. I'm not really sure what he was afraid of. Finally after about a month I talked him into it. I made sure we were both sober and had adequate private time for it to be a memorable/happy experience. I was also convinced that I was a strong chick, and that it wouldn't hurt as much as everyone said it would.


Well, after I was nice and wet, he got on top of me and tried to penetrate me - to my dismay, IT HURT SO FREAKING BAD. Way worse than I expected (I did not bleed, though). Then I remembered a girlfriend of mine who had recently been in a similar situation who suggested woman-on-top the first time. I guess that's what she did and it worked for her. So we tried it that way. It still realllly hurt, but not as bad. I think the vagina is in a more "open" position this way (and therefore I do recommend it for a woman's first time). Anyway, after I said it was still hurting, his hard on disappeared, and we stopped.


So overall, I guess I was a little disappointed with my "first time." The next time we tried, it worked alright, but it was still really uncomfortable. It took several sessions, maybe even 10-15 times of having sex for that to go away.


On the bright side, I wasn't inebriated or anything (I hear these crazy stories of people losing their virginity when they're drunk and stuff and not remembering it, and I didn't want that), and it was with someone that I felt cared about me, not some guy I barely knew. So I guess my criteria were met, I don't regret the day or anything, it just wasn't as fulfilling as I had imagined. Haha.

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I was 16 and it was with my boyfriend at the time. I hate thinking about it, mainly because I now detest the guy I did it with. I am a good example of how you should wait until the right time/until you know 100% that you are ready before you decide to lose your virginity.

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