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I really like him. How do I play it from here?


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Ive been working in a primary school for 2 months now. I was really attracted to a guy who worked in the kitchen and ran the breakfast club. I confided in a girl at work who is a frend of his and she told him. Hes response was 'im not saying anything' the girl told.me its not a bad thing he was just embarrsed.


She told me to add her on facebook and she would suggest him as a friend. She did and i added.him and he accepted! I left it a day and yesterday i messaged him asking how he was. We have been messaging back and forth near enough all of yesterday. He doesnt give much away though. He was at the hospital with his mate as she was in labour while he was messaging me and i said he should have told me as i felt bad i took up his time when he was in the middle of something special. He said its cool he can still talk. As the messages went on he invired.me out to celebrate his birthday. He asked me where i was going next weekend i told him and asked if he wanted to. come because it felt like a hint he said that he might


He started to add kisses on the end of some of his messages aswell. The last thing i.sent him was what are you up too now last night about 10.30pm but hes yet to reply.


He hasnt.mentioned the fact i like him but he knows i do. I dont know what to do now though. I dont want to make a fool of myself as obviously i like him plus i work with him. Should i leave it and have him message me first? I dont want to bug him but i dont want to think im not interestrd. I know hes probably with the new baby and busy so should i wait? Do you think he feels the same way? I cant really talk to him at work as we work different times do its just fb really so far no numbers have been exchanged.


Thanks for reading. Any advice apreciated x

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The next move should be to talk on the phone. He just may be a little unsure about dating at this point. Men too are a little afraid of being rejected. You work with this man, so you may have to be extra patient with him. Ask him for his phone number and a good time to call him. Have a little conversation with him and see if you can work a coffee date in or something. It may take you until the first kiss before he lets down his walls, but if he's a good guy you'll be glad you did. Take a chance and go for it... life is too short not to meet new people.

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