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I am a warrior! And my ex is as appealing as a poopy flavored lollypop

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One thing I'm learning is that you can't allow yourself to bask in the person you think they are originally. Reserve yourself. Take your time getting to know someone. Lets face it we all put our best face forward. It take TIME to get to know someone. And the time for them to reveal their true self is different for everybody. Some take months, years. And then sometimes people change for the worse and it only becomes apparent after 20 years of marriage. Truth is, we all change, were all changing. C'est live (it is life). BUT that doesn't mean we shouldn't take a chance on one another. Love is the biggest risk worth taking. Don't beat yourself up because it didn't work. The strong will ensue. If your going to be a warrior in life, be one for love. Lets face it, nobody ever gets what they want by giving up. But they Also don't get what they want by wallowing in a dead relationship.


Also, allow yourself to feel hurt, sad, somewhat relieved etc. etc. It's part of the process. A smart warrior assesses the situation and learns from it. There is something to be learned out of every stupid relationship.


Seeing yourself as a separate entity also helps. It's hard to do when you've spent so much time with a person and have made them so much of your life. But remember they are them and you are you, it has always been this way. Unhealthy love only blurred it. I'm big on meditation because it forces you to focus on yourself. Feel your feelings. Not worry about theirs. And lets be honest, weren't there things you wanted to do or get done but didn't because time with your ex was more important. Make a point to do those things. Force yourself. Sometimes you have to in order to move on.


Just some thoughts. If anyone else has some words of wisdom or positive advice to give to help aid in healing from a breakup please add. Blessed Be Your Days

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