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He won't let me heal...

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So if you've been over to the GBT forum, you'll find my story etc.


Two and a half years, amazing relationship, dumped.

Reasons: "I just can't do it anymore" "I didn't feel good enough" so it came down to his extremely low self esteem.


I stopped contacting him. However he contacted me yesterday saying "Thank you for the festival ticket you forwarded, I hope you have a good weekend" and a smiley face. He had already thanked me, I didn't need re-thanking - or reminding of the fact he'll have a good weekend and I won't.


So I ignored that message.


Saw some mutual friends last night at the pub, and got told what he had said about the break up - he told people he couldn't cope with me being financially dependant on him. Yes, he bought me holidays, and clothes, and everything else - but I never asked for a penny. I'm studying to be a teacher, so study takes all my time up, a job would interfere. He comes from a wealthy background, and I dont. I think he thought money and materialistic items = love sometimes. Though I did try to pay my way where I could do.


So, obviously last night I was in a bad place, and went to my blog (which I know he doesnt use anymore) and I vented a little anger about he won't be able to buy happiness or true love etc.


Anyway, I get a text from someone he's at this festival with saying I got the wrong end of the stick, it wasnt all about money etc.


Firstly, why is she texting me, and not him.

Secondly, WHY IS HE STALKING MY TUMBLR.. he "liked" the post. And I posted it at 1am. Why was he stalking my profile when he's meant to be having fun at a festival.


This is so unfair - he broke my heart, and wont leave me alone.

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Ask mutual friends not to pass on ANY information. If he wants to get back together, he will tell you so himself. So you don't need to listen to hearsay and it will only confuse you.


I'm not sure how tumblr works, but perhaps you should either block him (if that's possible) or stop posting on tumblr altogether, just for the next few months. The temptation to send messages to your ex is just too great. Delete and block him from facebook if you haven't done so already. Then change your settings so that people that are not your friends can only see one profile picture and your names (a good idea in this age anyway).


People can only be in your life, if you allow them to be. Change what you can change (like privacy settings etc), and don't create anymore drama either. Ignore everything else and eventually it will die down.

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About the tumblr thing - one of the reasons I've had to cut back on what I post, think about how my ex will interpret it etc. If you block him, you'll unfollow him and he won't be able to see any of your posts on the dash - but he will see them if he just types in the url. I stopped posting for a while and when I do, it's only happy things. Everything he's posted (it came up on my dash, I didn't go looking) is mean and directed at me. He broke my heart but he stalks all the social network things I have! If you don't want to stop posting, change your url, unfollow him, unlike any posts and delete what you've reblogged from him. It might stop him finding you again, since it will take more effort.


He's clearly very bitter. Let go, because you can do way better than somebody who is acting like that. What is happening in your life is none of his concern.

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