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please help me with this girl


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so basically this all started in February

i met this amazing girl, she was the my perfect girl i have ever met

she was smart, funny, come from a good home italian back ground (my family will love that) she was sexy. shes just my ideal girl.


so basically we hit it off and we saw each other for about a month and a half and then she called it off, because she didn't want a bf at the time. she was the first girl that has ever fully got my attention, like i full on fell for this girl.


it is now july. since her i have been with other girls but i always seem to find my self comparing the new girls to the girl i fell for, and no one has matched up so far. so i end up ending what ever i had with the new girls.


i still really like this girl, we have hung out a handful of times since the middle of march and we talk on face book and txt messages once a week maybe once every 2 weeks at the latest. i do night shift so sometimes she MSG's me at like 10pm and asks me if Imo working to hang out.


the first time we hung out since she dumped me was may so like 2 months after and i thought maybe i could try and make a move and see where things stand. so i said do you wanna watch a movie she said yes i asked her does she want to watch a movie in my bedroom in the living room. i am aware of how that jsut sounded smooth as right? but nah when we were seeing eachtother basically we would always watch movies in my room on my bed and that would always lead to hooking up or what ever. anyways she gave me a look as if to say i thought i made it clear we were just friends. so i laughed it off and said i was joking


this brings me to 2 nights ago she had a dvd that belonged to me so i msged her saying


what are u doing come over im bored and can u bring that movie?

she replied yeah cool do u want me to drop it off or do u want to hang out?

i say nah hang out can u bring some movies for me to watch at work

she says only if you get pizza

i write deal


so she comes over we talk just like alway and get along and stuff. in side i was like i want you sooo ******* badd

and then we talk about friends and stuff and shes talking about her guy friends and she sort have mad me thing that she was hooking up with other guys and stuff and yeah we just had a good night and talked and stuff i didn't no weather or not to make a move or not because i didn't feel that she was throwing any signs at me but i have always been very useless are reading signs loll


anyways sorry about the lengthy question i just wanted to give u the full story before u give me advice basically what i want to no is


1. should i just give up on this girl

2. i still like her and stuff but i would rather keep her in my life as a friend then not at all if i approached her about us again i cant see us being friends

3. how do i get over this girl

4. do you think shes still into me

5 what do u think i should do



sorry about spelling and grammer im in a massive rush this whole situation is doig my head in

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I would like to own a boat and a house next to the lake one day. I would most definitely take my boat every day for a nice ride and whenever I would pass next to the beach I would invite the good looking girl to get on for a ride and we would have so much fun. I would then impress them with my 500 horsepower double indeck engines and push the handle to the floor. They would be shocked, and I would giggle and laugh with them, apologizing. They would probably look at me like I'm so hot. We would enjoy as much beer as we want because it would be kept in the massive refrigerator compartment. Everything would run smooth, cruising on the lake and watching at the ladies taking a sunbath on my front living room. Then I would take them back to their place and we would enjoy the rest of the afternoon until dusk just talking about the nice and lovely day. It would be so amasing that every single time I would go back to my place I would feel down that all of this good time is already over. So I would not be able to contain my joy that the next day I finish work to get back onto the waters and bring the lovely girls on board with me again. Everyone would hear about it around me. And I would not stop until I die.


Okay, I got you on another story there, but bear with me, and tell me, what's wrong with this reply (without considering the content of the story)?

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