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Vision problem....

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I am really nervous and cant get in to see the Doctors until Monday morning. Last night (Friday night) when i went out i noticed my vision in my left eye with lights were funny...i couldnt see properly...street lights, traffic lights, car lights...i can make out the color of them and but they all look hollow like blackness in the middle and can only see the outside shape of it in it's color if that makes sense? I can then see the whole light if i am really close to it..like parked behind the car, next to the traffic light etc.


I rang the emergency room at the hospital and they told me to go to my local..i rang in this morning (Saturday) but they couldnt fit me and made an appointment for Monday morning...mean while i am really scared and nervous and just wanted to know has anyone been through this before and what was the outcome...im scared i might be losing my vision?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much

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As someone with my own vision problems, I can tell you that this is probably not your eyes, although I am not a doctor, so it might be.

Migraines mess with my vision, and the visual symptoms sometimes start long before the headache does.

I also experience loss of vision before having a seizure, and on my bad days I can hardly see at all.

My point is, that a whole lot of visual symptoms are a result of something in the brain and not in the eye, and can be as "harmless" as an impeding headache, or as serious as an impending seizure.

I'd wander over to the ER. I don't know about Australia, but in Canada they are very busy, and if they can talk you out of showing up, they will try, so it's almost never worth it to phone. If you need help (and it sounds like you do) show up there in person.

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I agree with Annony. It may be a migraine, but please do still get this investigated.


I had a bad time of it last year. I was in hospital for a week with DVT in my left thigh. Suddenly, as I was laying down, my pink dressing gown looked grey out of one of my eyes. I wondered if the clot had somehow broken off and gone to my brain, although that's physically impossible xD


I talked to an optician about it after having a few more attacks after, and he said it's a migraine and quite common. It happens when you feel stressed. It's been over a year since my first attack and I'm not seriously ill or dead, so I'm inclined to believe him.

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