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Planning to leave but complicated

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Really could use some advice.


I have been at the same admin job for 4 years..it has basically gotten to me..i feel like i need to leave 100 percent..i moved on mentally, emotionally..i just don't feel comfortable there anymore and don't feel like i belong..i am in a basically dead end position..i probably should have been more motivated sooner to go that extra extra mile and hope the tedious stuff i do would be taken away but now i just feel like i need a change...i need new scenary, new location of a job etc


i have been looking probably on and off for over a year..i plan on taking some certification classes in different fields in the fall.


I found out my main coworker is pregnant so in a few months she will be on leave.


That's great for her BUT it made me feel very emotional in the sense where I don't want to be locked into this job for another year. I will basically have double the admin work which will be a lot of labor in a sense..on my feet making thousands of copies which we usually both do amongst other things. I just had enough..i worked during college and graduated with a degree and now 4 years later i feel a job is just not enough. I feel miserable inside and out. The hours are comfortable and all that but i really don't want to deal with this situation especially that i have been wanting to leave for a long time.


I decided my only option at this point is to announce i am leaving in the fall about 2 months before her leave whether i have another job or not. I have money saved and i am with family so i hope it won't be a horrible horrible mistake money wise but that's a different threat. This will allow them some time to hire a temp and maybe to pick up on the work that needs to be done.


I was thinking of telling them my old employer from a long time ago who i kept in touch with offered me something in a different department to gain some experience doing other things.


Does this sound reasonable? would they call them or ask me for proof? I feel like me leaving when she is pregnant is going to cause gossip..i bet i will be trashed for it..but im still doing it before she goes so it's not like i am leaving them without notice and i can't put my life on hold b/c someone else is having a kid you know?


Also--with the 401k..can i place it in an ira or are they going to try and get me to "roll it over" to the new place in a sneaky attempt to find out if i have another job or not?


I really would rather tell them i got something else rather than I am leaving just to leave...

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Just... go... away...


Reason: I'm leaving...


When: As soon as possible.


If they argue, just refuse their offer politely. If they ask any questions, just tell them that you need a break for a while and that you will reconsider coming back after your leave. No worries with the 401k or whatever else. It's over as soon as they tell you it is. Then, when your future employer will ask you why did you leave, say you are looking for a new challenge in your life. That's it!


(Have they ever put you in a really bad situation before? If they have been mean or forceful with you in the past, it might be the question of a different case, but otherwise, I don't see why you should be stressed over this except if your said savings are in fact only a couple of thousands.)

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i can't tell them i just want to leave and i will reconsider coming back after i leave. If i leave it's for good and i don't think it may be the best thing to conveniently tell them a few months before here leave that i just wanteda break. I still need them for a good reference...


the 401k is still mine and people usually put it in an ira or roll it over to a new place..if they suggest the latter b/c they think i will be working somewhere else can i decline and say no i want it in a ira b/c i probably won't be at this new company for years, it is just for some new experience..

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Your story sounds exactly like my mine. Only I went ahead and just quit a month ago, I told them I was moving away. Taking time to relax for the first time in a long time feels amazing, BUT now I've moved on to - what the hell am I going to do next? I feel as though my degree and work experience has gotten me no where. I feel lost on how to move on or what jobs to even apply for...

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