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I didn't feel a connection. ...


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Hi! Okay. I'm just wondering if I handled this the right or wrong way. Please tell me what you think. I started corresponding to a guy through emails on an online date site. We did talk on the phone a few times and I just didn't feel any kind of a connection with him. And also, when he called and I was unable to take his call at that moment..he would text me repeatedly within minutes asking what I was doing....who are you talking to?...did you make a new friend?..etc. It pretty much creeped me out. I was getting the feeling he was clingy and desperate. and he's telling me he feels he has known me forever and so on. I just felt it was way too much!


Long story short....since we only talked on the phone about 3 times and never met in person. I went ahead and emailed him letting him know I'm glad we talked a few times and wished him luck in his search. He then started texting me back over and over again begging me to give him a chance. Again...I just felt creeped out! So I didn't make contact again. That was a couple of days ago. Tonight, I get home from work and he emailed me two times on the date site calling me every name in the book...so I blocked him from the site and my phone.


Was I wrong to let him I'm not interested or should I have just ignored him entirely? I've never had a man on date site act this way before. Opinions please??

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I think you handled this really well. You didn't just fade out on him -- you explicitly told him you weren't interested, and he should have let it go at that.


Your instincts were telling you something about this guy from the minute you started talking to him on the phone. The needy texting when he couldn't get you on the phone was a dead giveaway that this guy has issues. You're a smart woman, and you made the right choice. You did nothing wrong at all.

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Thank you everyone for replying to my post. I think I did the right thing too. Felt I was being nice and not letting him wonder. Didn't think he would be so darn rude about it!. I just needed to hear what other's thought about it. I'll just be patient. They say there is someone for everyone!

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