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I need some input...


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So, some of you will have read my posts.


Someone I was seeing, was seeing someone else, and is now in a relationship with him.


Just found out she was seeing him whilst seeing me, texting me with "I love you". Just after a weekend away with him (Told me she was busy working) she rang me saying sorry, and that she loved me etc etc and there was no one else.


Now I'm really annoyed, and feel like sending this guy a message on facebook tellin him...


He has no idea about me, who I am or anything.


Should I do it, or just leave it?


I'm in a stage of weakness here after hearing the news.

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Don't send him anything man. It will only end up in more drama and you don't need that. I know its easier said then done but you just have to walk away from the situation completely. You don't need someone like that in your life and the other guy will figure it out soon as well.

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I've been in an almost identical situation. I ended up contacting him and her separately, but it was a bad idea. She denied everything, and he didn't seem to give a rats behind. All you are going to do is throw yourself into more fire.


Step away and move on. If he doesn't know about you, let him learn the hard way. Usually the smart ones can see through people like her fairly quick.

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The guy, is someone her best mate had a massive crush on... She's hurtng too now.


Her best mate has gone behind her back and got with someone she knew her best mate worshipped.


She went away this weekend with her ex too... This guy doesn't know thism, or didnt earlier on in the week.

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