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my plan for the next week...


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she's driving cross country and being extremely cold right now... i'll see her next week (probably saturday for dinner). thinking about continuing my workouts (i've started a fantastic new diet if anyone is interested- dropping weight very quickly). keep planning on lifting, studying, being myself... and, getting dressed up to a tee when i see her. she'll probably think that i'll propose. i want her to see mr. confident in me again. that's what she wants... not a vagina begging and crying for her to come back. there's a reason she fell for me... all she wants is old me. confident me, fun me. that's who i am. going to take her out to dinner, start boozing, and bullshiz until she brings it up. if not, a kiss on the cheek - 'nice seeing you' - and peace out, girl scout. she's expecting me to be a freak when i see her. all i have to do is not be that way and let her be comfortable and happy in my presence again. every time i contact her, i act weird. she doesn't want that. and, i need to just ease up... relax... be yourself, ladies and gents. don't be a vagina.



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I'm sorry but I'm dying laughing right now at the vagina comments hahahaha. That was great... As soon as I seen the first one I started dying laughing. Great post! Put a huge smile on my face. Just keep that mindset, and be a rock. Have fun and don't talk about getting back together. IF she brings it up, you say I think it's too early to talk about that right now. Feel the situation out. If she starts getting up tight, ease it back into something easier to discuss. You'll do fine if you keep that humor up. Don't be a VAGINA!

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I advise you to watch the "boozing". It's very hard to maintain non-chalance under the influence. You want to be cool, not sloppy. James Bond drinks, but he's never really drunk. Tap into your inner Bond.


And don't hesitate to update. I want to hear how it goes.



PS How were you a vagina before? If we are what we....ah, nevermind.

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Women want rocks in the sense of carats and support. A vagina provides neither. I'm sure I'm offending people. But, it's all in fun. Just be yourself, people. I read an email some chick wrote to my buddy who she was trying to coerce into a relationship. It sounded so weak. I either had reflux or puked a bit. Relationships are push/pull oriented. Relax and go workout. Be confident. A vagina can do nothing other than be smothering. Do not engulf your ex. Provide a way for them to be normal with you. Doesn't take much. I'll let you all know how my encounter turns out.

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