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Haven't got out of bed today at all.


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Just feeling like crap. Thinking about all the things she said (well texted, she wouldn't talk to me on the phone). That all the "I love yous" were meant to be "I like yous", yup still trying to wrap my head around that one. I was used, I was a back up, I believed every word she said to me. She looked into my eyes and said she loved me. But it was all a mistake she said a week later, and didnt mean it. All these things going through my head all day, every day. Its been 8 days since she dropped it on me, and it hurts just as much as it did that night.


The last thing I said to her was F*ck you! I have never said that to anyone I have broken up with before. But I told her how disgusted I was for having her in my bed, sleeping with her, while she was wishing she was in Mexico with her ex. She says to me next "don't worry just wash your sheets, you'll feel better". Didn't really know what else to say except F*ck you!


I feel broken, defeated, and its such a beautiful day out and its after 4pm here and I haven't done a thing. Anyway was just ranting, I am so lost.......

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She says to me next "don't worry just wash your sheets, you'll feel better". Didn't really know what else to say except F*ck you!


Not an inappropriate response given her insensitivity and sarcasm. The longer you stay in bed, the more she wins.


You going to let another person do this to you?

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Hi ...I was reading your post and well I got mad . It has nothing to do with me but I was mad at you for letting her do this and make you feel so sad . Right now you have to get angry and ...get moving on with your life. I would want to show her what your actually made of, Make a goal and everyday try and get closer to getting there. Try and relize she may not have the prefect life you think right now. Let her go be the bigger person and enjoy that beautiful day outside you were talkin about. There will be more days to come ....where you will gain happiest and most of all respect from another girl. Later

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Get out of bed, ring up a friend and go for a beer... (That's the motto in the UK anyway!).


Do anything to take your mind off it. I've been in a state recently, I had the whole "love you" texts, some totally random, some saying it back once I said it.


It gets easier, I spent the first 2 days in bed, and the first week in a state and wanting to cry been sick and not eating. I'm now much better. Still have my moment where I feel crap... I'll come home, stick some music on and just lay on my bed for 30min or so.


Pick your self up, dust your self off and get out of the house. I even just go for a drive to take my mind off it... Music on, and just drive.

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Thanks guys for the responses. I still havent left my room. That's a lie actually, I went to the fridge to grab beer, so now I am drinking in bed.......bad I know. I know I seem weak and pathetic, but I just feel not good enough. Not good enough for someone who is crazy! Doesn't exactly do wonders for my self esteem.

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I've just had some * * * * news (Read my thread below) just after I posted on here.


I had a weak moment there, but I've managed to hold my head high and got through it with dignity.


As I just said to her mate:


At first, I thought I could do better than her thats why I never offered to take her out, or tried to get in a relationship with her... I just saw her as a good mate. She had a 1 year old kid... I didn't want someone with a kid. She wasn't anything special to look at... I thouht I could do better (Sounds shallow) but then I fell for her because I was attracted to her. Not her looks, or her background/baggae.. her as a person!


So I've gone from me not been that keen on her, to me now been totally in love and hurting.


Ah well... Crack another beer open. Helps me sleep

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