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So I am on day 5 of not hearing from him - I can't call it NC because I text him 3 or 4 times. Once to ask for my house key back, one to tell him putting a beer can in my mailbox was very immature. One to ask him to pick up his stuff and I to say that I was sorry for the parts of the fight that were my fault. I had no response to any of them. Thats not unlike him, but usually he will respond to an apology.


So I assume we are broken up and he wants nothing to do with me. I went to the dr today to get some anti anxiety meds and some names of therapists she recommends. I feel better. At least I am able to cope. I couldn't stop crying last night. My eyes are so sore.


I've been here before, so many times you would think I would be used to it, but it hurts this time as bad as it did the first time. I feel like I will never love anyone again, like I will never find someone that understands me. I am not the easiest person to get along with, and I know this.


My aunt keeps reminding me she has a guy she wants to set me up with. I'm not ready, but its a little bit of hope.


I think the hardest part is going to be missing the things we did with his family, I had them over my house all the time and I really enjoyed their company. My son is so crazy about his granddaughter, he keeps asking if she can come over. I don't have much family around here. I always wanted a really big family of my own - but I'm just a family of 2.


I'm also losing my best friend once again. She is his sister in law, thats how we met. When we first started dating she didn't speak to me for 4 years. Now I guess I won't see her anymore.


I'm losing a lot more than just him. I feel like I'm losing my entire social life.

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I wouldn't start taking the pills. I don't understand how feeling sad, crying and hurting has become tagged as a "weakness". We are emotional beings, sometimes it's good, other times it's bad. You have to let it happen else it stays inside and kills you from within. Pills simply cover it all up and in my opinion, makes it worse. It's a false "I feel better".


Course, I'm only talking about the pills as it relates to your break up (if you want to start taking them because of the breakup). If they are for totally unrelated reasons, please disregard. There are some legitimate reasons that pills are necessary (but not at the numbers being sold presently).


Also, start a new hobby or two. You'll meet people with similar interests and find new friends quickly.

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Still haven't heard from you - if you let it go much longer I am going to be on my way to healing and it will be too late.


Don't know how you think you aren't going to be lonely without me. Even if you do meet someone, she isn't going to put up with what I put up with - the drinking, the smoking, the hanging out with you ex's family all the time.


You have nothing to offer - you are 50 years old, no money saved, your house is pathetic - small, outdated. I would almost consider it a hovel. You aren't really in very good shape. You work shift work and when you are on midnights you are completely spaced out.


I'm going to be 43, in great shape, i have been going to the gym regularly for over 20 years. I'm a size 2, I can still wear a bikini even though I have a child. I make a lot of money, I have lots saved, I have a beautiful house - all completelly renovated in the last 2 years. I can cook food that makes people go ummm when they are eating. I love animals, my animals adore me.


I'm a real hottie - I could find someone at least 10 years younger than you! Someone smarter, with more money, in better shape, with kids so my son has brothers or sisters. The possibilities are endless for me. I've been thinking about them while you won't speak to me.


You dated 3 people in your life, high schools GF, your wife and me. You can't approach girls. You can't ask them out. You will probably be alone for a very long time.


I'm off to enjoy a day at the beach with my son. Going to have a great day! You probably won't get out of bed until after noon.

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thats right sista girl enjoy ya day and continue doing what you love to do! our hearts gets so tied up with the company (ex's) and time we spend!thats why its hard! but im in recovery myself trying to heal although i have set backs im only human and will learn from my setbacks as well!

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Amen to you! Break ups suck && they hurt. I'm going through a bad painful one now BUT life keeps on going and keeps on ticking. We could sit here and cry [which crying is okay but not forever] then we could pick ourselves back up and say...'hey you know what? i did my best and im not that bad anyhow' then move on. Almost always they come back later down the road saying sorry and my mistake...by then you can say...well TOO LATE BUDDY!


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I don't have much choice but to keep going. I have a 6 year old, 2 cats, a dog, a demanding job all that are counting on me. If I didn't have all that stuff I might just get drunk and stay in bed! That is why it is so important to have other things in your life besides a significant other.


Now my best friend isn't speaking to me - not really sure why. She does this to me every now and then. Its hurtful, I'm not sure why I put up with it - so desperate for friends - at my age they are hard to come by. Just goes to show you can't count on anyone in this life besides yourself, and maybe your family.

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