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Let's get healthy together

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Thank goodness for this thread. I think I'm doing ok. I just got back from visiting my family and heading to Europe in 5 days. I gotta be good!!! Trouble is, when I got back into town catching up with all my friends - theres been a lot of alcohol consumption and a lot of BBQs and going out for lunch. I think I gained those 5 pounds back. Oh well, its summer time. I'm going to go headout for a long walk as I can't concentrate on my packing!!

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I'm trying to get healthy too! I came home from a month long trip where I didn't work-out and ate at all-you-can-eat buffets frequently. I've been home about 1.5 weeks now and have worked out almost everyday since I got home! But I don't have a job yet so I guess I have plenty of time on my hands for working out... What kind of healthy meals have you all been making? I've been trying to eat healthy as well as workout. Tonight I had stir-fried frozen veggies on brown rice. And then watermelon and an apple.

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newmother: The reason why cereal isn't good is because of it's high glycemic index. Even the healthy kind spike your glucose level up. Big insulin spikes will ultimately damage the lining of your blood vessels which causes inflammation which increases the risk of plaque forming since cholesterol will rush to the site to fix it but can become oxidize which is how plaque forms. Sorry if it's too technical but I guess that is what happens when you teach Biochemistry all day long.


An easy explanation would be to go to youtube and search "Why You Got Fat". I read "Good Calorie,bad Calorie" and it was a fantastic book although I think he published one that wasn't a technical.



Tips: if you ARE a new mom your probably have split abdominals, Many women don't realize this and wonder why their stomach never looks like it did before.

Tip 2: eat coconut oil (if you don't like the taste put it in your shake!)

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My healthy nacho recipe: basically I don't use liquid cheese and I don't eat tortilla chips.... nacho salad? It's so good I don't miss the chips at all


(from bottom up)

sirloin steak, cut into tiny pieces before cooking

refried beans (homemade or low sodium)




little bit of onion


and cheeeese

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Okay, so I'm going to try to add 50 push-ups a day to my routine... just spread throughout the day. After I get used to remembering to do 50, I'm going to up it to 100. If I do 100 push-ups a day for a few months, I really might get buff! (Although I did that in high school, and I was a scrawny little thing then...)

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I hear you! I think I'm meant to be chubbier. The only time I managed to drop 15-20 lbs I was pretty much living at the gym. I'm discouraged today.
Well the ONLY time in my life that I had a "V-shape" was after washing out of United States Marine Corp bootcamp. They had us recruits constantly standing or doing something for 12 hours on end, we ran 3-miles every other day, did exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, crunches, obstacle courses, and etc. every other day that we were not running 3 miles, and THEN they fed us 3 squares of the most nutritious foods EVA!!! The "V-shape" lasted all of 2 months because my metabolism was SOOO high that I didn't know how to cope and I just kept eating the wrong things to keep satiated. My point is Sherryberry, is that it's possible. Stay motivated.
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I'm starting to see the beginnings of a four-pack in the mirror. I've always wanted a soft six-pack, and I think I may finally get there! My eating hasn't been great the past week or so, so I really need to cut back if I don't want to lose all my progress.

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Hey everyone, I'm determined to start eating healthy and lose the 6kgs I gained when I went overseas in May. I got weighed this morning and was shocked...how could I put on that amount of weight in such little time??


Anyway I will have a positive attitude and will try my best to not give into temptation. It's dinner time and then dessert...gets me every time!

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I am a sucker for dinner, especially when I go out. My husband and I try to avoid going out very often, but we are currently at his parents' house, and they basically go out every day, so it's been a struggle to eat healthy while here! I haven't been doing that well, but I did get the sushi roll instead of a fried Chinese dish when we went out for Asian food, and I took home half of my dinner last night.


I'm only here for a few days... it's just a matter of not completely failing for me. Must... stay... healthy...

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don´t stress yourself out jaydedgirl I will start my running career again. Used to run 50km+ every week and want to get back to 15ks+ without being in pain the next 2 days. Also finally stop smoking and eat a lot healthier than i used to. Maybe will skip the drinking while going out for a couple of weeks as well going to report every now and then, hope it motivates myself and others here.

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Made a determination w/ a member of my church to lose 15lbs. by August 27th. Gonna be TOUGH. I'm on a 1200 Calorie diet w/ High Protein/Med. Carbs/Low Fat (fat slows you down.) %50/%30/%20. I also picked up P90X. Been dieting 4 three days. Starting the exercise today!!!

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I have the AWESOME tool 4 you calorie counters out there. I have this app 4 my droid called "myfitnesspal". What's so awesome about it is that you can scan the barcode of the food packaging you just ate, input the quantity and it automatically records the Calories AND macronutrients for you. You can also access the SAME account on the net. Your results are in the cloud. The best part? It's F-R-E-E!!!

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I'm definitely trying to lose weight. I'm only 5'2" and used to be an overweight but fairly stable 145 lbs, but since I started working 2nd shift I've ballooned to 170 lbs (although I just weighed myself and now it says 180, but I have a hard time believing I gained 10 lbs this WEEK when I ate ok and worked out 3 days). I would like to get down to 135-140, but would be satisfied with 150 lbs as an initial goal. I care more about my appearance and how I feel than the number.


I went to the gym at work for the first time on Thursday, and have been using my treadmill at home. The hard part is fitting in the exercise and eating right when I'm still on the shift that contributed to the weight gain. But hopefully I am applying for and will get a first shift position in September.

Besides feeling gross and tired all the time, I'm also dating a guy who trains for MMA as a hobby, and I'm actually feeling a little bad for him even though he seems okay with how I look. Vanity-wise for me, when he cuts weight he weighs the same as I do...and he's 6'1". Depressing!

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