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There is something shady going on

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Like I said in my previous thread I went out Wed night. I went out late,after 11 o'clock,got make-up and stuff on the table.Anyway I came home late,around 4,went to work in the morning and since then I've been at home. Needless to say when I got home after the club I threw all my clothes and shoes around the house. It was obvious I was out. So this morning I heard from my mother-in-law and she mentioned that she heard I was having a party (?!?). I didn't have the chance to ask her how does she know unless my husband stopped by. Now that makes me worry,he didn't call and he definitely didn't leave a sign he was in the house.


I am sure she might of told him I want to file for divorce so he might try to use stuff like this against me. This is so unfair. God knows what he might do,he might take pictures of the house to show I am a bad housewife,even though I clean my house daily except this one time. He might say I have been running around or something,Jesus,this is so freaking unfair.


Do you think I should start collecting evidence against him although I Was trying to make it painless as possible.


I am so mad,I am thinking to leave a piece of paper on the door so I would know if somebody was in the house. I am going to delete my history logs from now on,god damn it.

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Tell your landlord the situation - they will, in all certainty allow you to change the locks so long as you give them copies of the new keys.
Yes, copies of the new keys and promise to change them back when things settle down or before you leave.
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Wait, wait. Calm down. Even if he did stop by and tell his mom it looked like you were going out to a party, why would you assume that he is going to use that against you? Why would it matter what kind of house keeper you are in a divorce? You are jumping to a LOT of conclusions. I would go to a lawyer to talk about what is and isn't possible because I don't think it matters to a judge that you went out for a night or have clothes spread around your house.


If you are worried you need to get informed. What are the divorce laws where you are from? What are things you need to be worried about and what are things you are just stressing out about for no reason?

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Oh I am sure he will use it against me,I didn't believe my ears when he told me why our marriage failed and he cheated.Things like "It was your job to clean,you are the woman and your job is easier than mine.Do you know how many times I had to clean when you are at work and a friend is coming over",even though I work 40 hours/6 days a week.I don't even want to start though.


Well he did tell his dad Ive been inviting people over and all that,not true at all but who cares.So I talked to him today and I told him I don't appreciate it and he said well it sucks when somebody is running around and telling lies about you and I said -Yes,it hurts when they are lies but you don't know the feeling,do you. He was rude and playing brave on the phone as usual,he said "I want you to leave me alone" and I laughed and said "who's bothering you,I don't call you,I don't talk about you in front of people,I don't even care what you are doing " he yelled something and hang up.


I feel so bad that I have to go through that,especially since he's acting like a total jerk.I can't wait for this to be over.

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