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I cannot stand the sound of the vacuum

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among other similar sounds... lawnmower, chainsaw, etc.

I can actually feel it in my teeth (if that makes sense) and it sends me into a panic. I have to get away from the noise.

I am useless as long as I am close to the sound. I can't think about anything except making the noise stop.


Strange as this is, it hasn't been much of a problem. I don't have carpet, so I can get away with using one of those shark things that isn't as loud. When the gardener comes to mow the lawn, I go for a walk.


We have a new building manager. She lives in the same hallway as I do. She vacuums our hallway every day. She is not quick about it. It takes the better part of an hour, every day, and not the same time every day. If it were, I would just make a habit of taking the kids to the park during the vacuum hour, but as it stands I have no warning.

I really think every day is excessive, and I bet she doesn't vacuum the upstairs hallways that often, but who am I to tell her how to do her job?


Part of me wants to ask her to warn me when she's going to vacuum, but I'm worried this would be out of line.

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My daughter is currently being evaluated for some sound processing issues. They are recommending this type of therapy which I've been doing a lot of reading about. Maybe you want to take a look and talk to your doctor about a referral for an evaluation or something.


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^^ That is a good idea. We did not know my son had an audio processing disorder until he was 9. It explained why he would be batty and cry at the sound of lots of noise. The tech showed me what he hears when there is too much noise and also that he can not decipher speech when there is too much noise.

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For a minute there, I thought it was my dog posting. lol


I think if you have a medical sensitivity issue, then it's not out of line to mention this to the manager. You're not asking her to stop vacuuming entirely - just to give you a heads-up when she does.

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Interesting! I don't have a problem with vaccums, but sudden, loud noises (cars backfiring, explosions, sonic booms, things like that) terrify me, and I have a very visceral reaction. When I was a child, a thunder storm scared me so badly that I made myself sick -- vomiting and everything. I have always classified myself as "overly sensitive," but I wonder if there's more to it than that.


I agree with the other posters that this would be worth getting evaluated. You've stated that you have epilepsy, and I'd be willing to bet that there is a connection there.

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I would ask her if she can do it at a specified time, if it really disturbs your medical condition. I mean at worse all she can say is no.


Good idea. Maybe she could do it at times that you would be unlikely to be home, or maybe you can agree upon a time that she can vacuum and you will leave your apartment for an hour or so.

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