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Spends too much time on his own pursuits?

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Oh my husband is not laid back at all........lol. I am the social programmer, it is kind of a generational thing. His mother is his family's social planner so I was expected to be kind of thing, but if he is not happy with what I have planned he isn't doing it no matter what. My husband is far too stressed to ever be laid back.......lol. Even after he has soccer and base ball and walked and rucked marched and worked out at the gym, he still paces the house with his abundance of energy looking for something else to do. He is the energizer bunny that never stops moving, ever. He even twitches in his sleep. He is in constant motion.When he was young his parents used to throw him outside to play for hours because he was always in constant motion and it drove them insane. It is why they had him signed up for every sport there was. It drives me BATS sometimes, but mostly after all this time I have learned to ignore it.

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