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Almost one month of No Contact....

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I don't always post, but I do read the threads/topics daily.


I still have some gut wrenching days...


However, a few days scattered here and there that are more tolerable...


A part of me is mad at myself for wallowing this long...


I need to find a healthy distraction to fill the pain and void....


Though, it's recommended to walk through the pain...


I'd rather it just go away!

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Forcefully pushing yourself through the pain each day at a time seems to prove effective for the long-run of healing.


Speaking from personal experience, you'll need to start focusing on yourself and your personal endeavors in order to "distract" yourself from the pain.


Self-improve, even if it's the smallest thing in the world. As long as it improves your life in any way, shape or form, do it.


Also, take time. Those wrenching feelings will subside at some point, believe me.

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Forgive me if you posted this in an earlier thread. You can send me the link if you did

My question is: what steps have you taken to improve YOURSELF during this past month? I agree with the previous poster. Almost two weeks ago I got dumped after a 4.5 yr relationship. The more time passed the more I fell in love and the less he did. Then one day he simply said he was happier without me around. PAINFUL. After a week of crying crying crying and the damn panic attacks (the WORSE!!!!), I gave up alcohol, cigs, and caffiene and started exercising. As soon as I wake up in the morning, I brush, wash my face and I'm out the door. The frist few days of that I did 30 minutes. I'm doing an hour now of walking/jogging (mostly brisk walking) as soon as I wake up. It helps! My mind is clear enough now that I can actually READ again so I started doing that again, too. I'm still hurt, yes. Sucks to be dumped by someone with whom you love and who USE to love you. I know. But, focusing on yourself really does help. Hang in there!

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